UK Vol.48 (Post-EUref tweets)

Here is just a part of tweets concerning the Brexit from 24 to early AM 26 June (BST). Hope this sort of tiny database which has consequently arisen from our rough, limited-time, kind of fixed-point observation – harmless, of course – would be useful for all the people’s further understanding of the current situation.

For the first time since World War II, Western nationalism has beaten globalism in a major way | @voxdotcom

5 years after Brexit there will be no UK, others will have left EU, & the “special relationship” will be no more | @RichardHaass

@evanHD isn’t happy with this potential change of tone on freedom of movement | @BBCNewsnight

Four things Brexit campaigners have already u-turned | @Independent

Brexit is an opportunity for offshore buyers to snap up high-end properties at bargain price | @Forbes

17 experts on how Brexit will change the world | @politico

Analysis: “Brexit” unravels EU’s dream | @USATODAY

Brexit and the End of International Progressive Inevitability | @NRO

The British pound hit a 30-year low. Thanks to Brexit, the U.K. just went on sale. | @TravelLeisure

Brexit: expect a new prime minister, volatile markets and years of costly uncertainty | @TheEconomist

Why those who really wanted Brexit may soon regret it | @TorontoStar

Bitcoin saw a 4% increase after Brexit | @Forbes

Why Brexit might never happen | @Slate

These are the 6 biggest consequences to the Brexit vote so far | @TIME

@TurnbullMalcolm warns Australians to ‘expect the unexpected’ in the wake of Brexit | @abcnews

Investor George Soros calls for reconstruction of EU after ‘Brexit’ vote | @Reuters

This 1980 clip from ‘Yes Minister’ basically explains Brexit | @HuffPostUKCom

Mapped: Brexit’s economic aftermath | @ForeignPolicy

What Brexit might do to the British economy. @hari talks with prof. @swatdhingraLSE @LSEnews | @KCTS9

Brexit strips world’s 400 richest people of $127bn – Bloomberg | @RT_com

Instead of addressing their fundamental flaws, elites devote their energy to demonizing victims of their corruption | @theintercept

Here’s why British scientists are so opposed to Brexit | @techreview

Gold hits 2-year high after Brexit vote – and the fallout will only bring more gains | @business

Central banks ready to cooperate after Brexit result | @Reuters

Starved of resources, UK’s most deprived town pins hopes on Brexit | @Reuters

“Bracksies”: how Brexit could wind up not actually happening | @voxdotcom

Signs suggest warnings of Brexit upheaval could prove true | @nytimes

EU names Belgian to coordinate Brexit negotiations | @Reuters

How many Americans knew what Brexit was the first time they were asked about it? I haven’t encountered one. | @piersmorgan

Gary Johnson praises Brexit decision: UK is rejecting “crony capitalism” | @thehill

The Brexit is inspiring independence movements from Catalonia to Texas | @vicenews

Brexit: Environmentalists fear ‘bonfire’ of regulations | @wwwfoecouk

How the Brexit vote jeopardizes the future for UK scientists | @verge

Ricky Gervais has had his say on Brexit, and it’s bleak | @Independent

@GovMikeHuckabee: “When people say ‘diversity’ what they mean is uniformity.” | @FoxNews

What Brexit can teach us about the psychology of fear | @voxdotcom

Banks prepare to move thousands of jobs out of UK after Brexit vote | @thetimes

Belfast post office runs out of Irish passport application forms | @Independent_ie

Millennials blame older generations for Brexit, but whose fault is it really? | @vicenews

WATCH: @realDonaldTrump to @TomLlamasABC: Clinton “embarrassed” to talk Brexit on camera | @ABCPolitics

Brexit was fueled by irrational xenophobia, not real economic grievances | @voxdotcom

Brexit is good news says President of Iceland | @igeldard

Welsh Muslim told to ‘pack bags and go home’ after vote for Brexit | @Independent

Brexit has exposed the chasm between the Establishment… and the rest of us, writes Jeremy Paxman | @Telegraph

Bill Maher challenges Brexit “xenophobia” claims, harshly calls out liberal when he compares GOP to British Muslims | @theblaze

Post-Brexit world: Financial downturn, political turmoil & protests (LIVE UPDATES) | @RT_com

Here’s a demographic breakdown of who voted for the Brexit | @TheAtlantic

What Brexit supporters want is impossible, argues @Arturo_Sarukhan. Here’s why | @BrookingsInst

Putin on Brexit: ‘It’s comprehensible, no one wants to feed & subsidize weak economies’ | @RT_com

Why Brexit will raise trade barriers | @WSJ

Wow: Famed economist says Brexit signals THIS candidate will be President… | @AllenWest

The EU’s disintegration may now be inevitable, but that is no reason to give up, says @georgesoros | @ProSyn

Several bidders ‘close to abandoning Tata Steel takeover talks’ following Brexit result | @SWEveningPost

Brexit has exposed the chasm between the Establishment… and the rest of us | @TelePolitics

“The older generation have dug a grave for us”. These young Remain supporters gather for an anti-Brexit rally. | @Channel4News

Andrew Castle tears into ‘arrogant’ Jean-Claude Juncker over his response to brexit | @LBC

After Brexit: Germany and France May Begin to Follow Their Pro-Russian Instincts | @RussiaInsider

Scores of anti-Brexit protesters descend on Parliament Square | @standardnews

Let’s get this over with: Founding EU members want quick divorce from UK | @RT_com

For the U.S., Britain’s vote may be a warning of the limits of globalization | @nytimes

“Brexit is just the beginning of a popular revolt against elites” via @MKTWDelamaide | @MarketWatch

Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce is about to begin. Here’s how it might proceed | @FT

The day after Brexit – From petitions to acceptance @WasHasNaz has the reactions for you | @dwnews

Everyone can agree Brexit must be met with reform. But that word masks contradictory ideas | @TheEconomist

@PJHarveyUK reacts to Brexit vote in mid-concert speech | @pitchfork

Gold wins from Brexit. But other commodities lose | @TheEconomist

Shares down, jobs down, prices up? Business comes to terms with Brexit | @guardian

Why this Brexit market panic is a screaming buy for stock investors | @MarketWatch

What will Brexit mean for immigration? | @FT

These are the media’s best Brexit covers | @TIME

Brexit live: EU calls for new British PM in ‘days’ | @FT

Can Brexit be overturned? | @business

Trade and tourism will suffer most in these 6 EU nations because of Brexit | @business

The Americans’ guide to understanding Brexit: your questions answered | @guardian

Cornwall Council has asked for urgent guarantees over the €500m earmarked for the county from EU aid after Brexit | @itvwestcountry

Brexit explained for wrestling fans | @KayfabeNews

The Brexit crisis is a huge blow to Obama’s legacy | @businessinsider

Confused about the Brexit? We’ve got a cheat sheet | @latimes

Brexit was a harsh political awakening for young people, says @laraprendergast | @spectator

Investment banks are approaching regulators to secure licences and lining up executives to relocate after Brexit | @FT

“The Day After” Brilliant article on Brexit by JDiEM25er James K. Galbraith | @yanisvaroufakis

So, this happened. Brexit has the Tolerance Mob going after … Right Said Fred | @CR

The Brexit is happening. Here’s what that means for travelers | @CNTraveler

Nom nom nom. The delicious double standards (and tasty tears!) of the progressive establishment. | @BreitbartNews

A historical perspective on Friday’s Brexit vote | @HarvardBiz

Why the U.S. is freaked out about Brexit too | @cnni

Brexit a lesson for Trudeau to listen to average people | @Polkameister

Merkel: there is no need to be “nasty” during talks to discuss Britain’s exit from the EU | @SkyNews

Brexit stands as a warning to American conservatives | @guardian

The next dominoes to fall | @BreitbartNews

The struggle between nationalism and global leadership. Sir Harold Evans on Brexit. | @Reuters

The Brexit crisis is really an opportunity to create a better society – Jenny Jones | @guardian

Brexit inspires Dutch and French anti-immigrant, Islamophobic groups to seek referendums | @AJENews

Brexit: ‘I am gravely concerned. And you should be, too.’ @webbmedia | @Inc

Another group concerned about the impact of the Brexit: British scientists | @latimes

OPINION: Former MI6 spy on why Brexit makes America safer – @fxnopinion | @FoxNews

Newspapers around the world have their say on Brexit: “Anarachy in the UK” and “Brefugees welcome” are a selection | @Channel4News

EU chiefs: Brexit is “not an amicable divorce but it was also not an intimate love affair.” | @AJENews

Obama loses reliable partner, faces uncertainty after Brexit, report @joshledermanAP and @khennessey | @AP_Politics

Brexit: A very British revolution – a cry for liberty and a rebuke to the establishment by @FraserNelson via @WSJ | @BetterOffOut

What is Article 50 and why is it so central to the Brexit debate? | @guardian

Why Wales voted for Brexit | @Independent

A divided country: how and why Britain voted for Brexit | @Channel4News

Brexit: How The Oldies of Britian Stole The Younger Generation’s Future | @TheAffinityMag

The areas and demographics where the Brexit vote was won | @guardian

Brexit: people voted according to education, income and age | @FT

EU Referendum | @BBCBreaking

‘I’m full of regret’: extraordinary moment Brexit voter changes her mind | @Telegraph

Demographics, markets and migration: charting Brexit | @TheEconomist

What just happened? A Brexit explainer | @wef

Why the polls and social media got Brexit wrong | @Forbes

Brexit Is ‘The 1989 of This Generation’ | @V_of_Europe

The seven stages of Brexit grief, explained | @Independent

‘Brexit is an Eton Wall Game where poorest are put up against the wall and shot’ | @MirrorPolitics

Londoners sign petition for metropolis to stay in EU, Mayor Khan says city must have a say in Brexit negotiations | @AFP

Boris Johnson says Britain will continue to be a great European power | @rtenews

Brexit aftermath – in pictures | @guardian

Sky didn’t fall today, there is no global systemic crisis, but UK & EU both handling nitroglycerin… | @AmbroseEP

Why Brexit was a great idea | @NRO

Here’s how the Brexit will actually work | @ndtv

Brexit is terrifying — and no, not because of the economics | @voxdotcom

The seven stages of Brexit grief | @Independent

Opinion: After Brexit it’s clear: to save liberal democracy, politicians will have to reform capitalism | @FT

‘Why upset the apple cart?’ asks a farmer after Brexit | @guardian

Brexit: What we know and what we don’t know | @CBSNews

So the Brexit happened. Now what?  | @vicenews

What does Brexit mean to the world economy? The Economist: It’s grim | @ProPublica

UK votes to leave EU — what this might mean for the markets & your portfolio | @MerrillLynch

Excellent postmortem by @AnthonyBarnett. He had seen it coming! Blimey, it is Brexit! | @yanisvaroufakis

The post-Brexit financial world remains deeply uncertain | @guardian

Why Brexit is so bad for the economy | @TheAtlantic

Brits are still trying to figure out what Brexit is after voting for it | @ComplexMag

You don’t need to be an expert to understand this Brexit graph. Latest developments here | @BBCBusiness

After Brexit: The System Cannot Hold | @zerohedge

Diplomats from EU’s founding 6 nations are meeting in Berlin to discuss UK’s exit from bloc | @AP

Brexit FAQs: What happens next? | @TheAtlantic

For the latest on the fallout from the Brexit vote, FF our colleagues from @POLITICOEurope | @politico

What will happen now to the real-estate markets in the U.K.? | @WSJ

Thousands Of British Refugees Make Dangerous Journey Across The Irish | @WhispersNewsLTD

The pro-Brexit message resonated with those who feel left behind | @FT

With Brexit, the British people have … lost a lot of credibility, writes @djrothkopf | @ForeignPolicy

The small but real possibility that Brexit won’t ever happen | @Slate

What impact would Brexit have on the EU? | @wef

‘Clueless?’ UK citizens google ‘What’s EU?’ after Brexit | @RT_com

Will the Brexit vote prompt a second Scottish independence referendum? | @SkyNews

Scotland is likely to seek independence from the UK (again) after the Brexit vote | @CNN

Germany and France struggle to hold EU center as Brexit storm blows | @business

It feels like the beginning of the end”: Germans react to Brexit vote | @dw_business

Domino Effect: Brexit May Trigger Referendums in Italy and Netherlands | @V_of_Europe

Spain and Italy bear brunt of Brexit stress | @fastFT

After Brexit, could there be Grexit? | @AJEnglish

France fears Brexit consequences for EU defense capability | @ReutersWorld

Defence secretary says he has been reassured US-UK security ties ‘will endure’ post-Brexit | @itvnews

Brexit may throw billions of pounds worth of agriculture trade into question

Trade and tourism will suffer most in these 6 EU nations because of Brexit | @business

Sarah Palin Urges the US to Leave the United Nations | @MotherJones

The aftermath of Brexit “is a defining moment for American diplomacy,” @IvoHDaalder tells @JudyWoodruff PBSnews | @NewsHour

The liberal project is increasingly an American one,   @benwallacewells writes | @NewYorker

Brexit should be a lesson to the U.S. that angry voters sometimes get their way | @BrookingsInst

After Brexit, what? U.S. secessionists hankering for ‘Texit’ | @Reuters

Want to understand Brexit? Imagine Texas leaving the United States. | @voxdotcom

Brexit Shows Betting Markets Are Not a Silver Bullet for Predicting Elections | @reason

@realDonaldTrump and @SpeakerRyan reacted very differently to Brexit | @politico

What Brexit means for the U.S. presidential election | @TIME

Brexit is like waking up with @realDonaldTrump as president | @ComplexMagLife

Obama responds to Brexit: “…yesterday’s vote raises challenges posed by globalization.” | @Forbes

In Dublin speech, @VP Biden responds to BrexitVote & rise of Trump w/ words of caution on “reactionary politicians” | @CBSEveningNews

Hannity: The British ‘Showed Obama Their Middle Finger’ With Brexit | @DailyCaller

Sharing my take on Brexit vote live on @facebook now | @newtgingrich

British anti-immigration leader says Brexit is Obama’s fault | @thehill

People are figuring out ways to blame Obama for Brexit, because of course they are | @Slate

Brexit creates a lonely new American exceptionalism, @benwallacewells writes | @NewYorker

Why Brexit is likely to be one of the most consequential events for the world since the end of the Cold War | @HarvardBiz

Paul Krugman on Brexit: “Well, that was pretty awesome – and I mean that in the worst way” via @NYTOpinion | @nytimes

“To see Britain reject its neighbors in this way is profoundly depressing.” | @HarvardBiz

Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce is about to begin. Here’s how it might proceed | @FT

How to navigate Brexit volatility | @PIMCO

Here’s what economists and analysts are saying about the Brexit vote via @WSJEcon | @WSJ

How Brexit will affect the global economy: right now, in a little while, and long term | @nytimes

What are the business and financial ramifications of Brexit for the rest of the EU? @FTI_EMEA | @FTI_SC

Why British firms will not rush to judgment on Brexit | @TheEconomist

Banks around the world deploy their Brexit contingency plans. Should you worry? | @TheStreet

Here’s the Brexit memo Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein sent to staff | @businessinsider

@ABC News Special Report: Stock market tumbles in aftermath of Brexit

Japanese auto companies and a Hong Kong tycoon are among those hurt by “Brexit” vote | @WSJ

There is no reason why nations committed to entrepreneurship & free trade can’t prosper outside of the EU | @CatoInstitute

44% of the UK’s exports go to the EU. Now, we don’t know what that trade will look like via @business | @FiveThirtyEight

GOT IT WRONG: Pollsters, Pundits, Historians, Financiers… | @DRUDGE_REPORT

Brexit: One thing is more clear than ever — we must keep demanding that leaders everywhere ActOnClimate | @ClimateReality

How can we make Brexit work for the environment? – Craig Bennett | @guardianeco

Law firms are positioning themselves to make some cash after Brexit via @WSJLawBlog | @WSJ

Credit rating agency Moody’s cuts UK outlook from stable to negative after Brexit | @BBCBreaking

US high yield bond market adjusting to Brexit, with large gaps lower | @Forbes

The Brexit could have wide implications for the U.S. economy | @CNN

4 ways Brexit could hurt the U.S. economy | @CNNMoney

Here’s what Brexit means for American travelers | @TravelLeisure

These trades are the winners and losers from the Brexit vote shock | @business

Japanese companies are getting a surprise bargain out of Brexit | @business

@ABC Special Report: Stock market tumbles; Dow closes down over 600 points after Brexit.

8 things you need to know about Brexit | @CNNMoney

The giant hedge fund that got Brexit right via @WSJMarkets | @WSJ

Alan Greenspan on Brexit | @MarketWatch

Global stocks tumble after Brexit decision | @TIME

The 2nd richest man in the world lost $4.4B overnight due to market response to Brexit | @Forbes

An expert sums up the economic consensus about Brexit | @voxdotcom

Overwhelmed by Brexit? Here are the basics | @nytimes

Three reasons Americans should care about the Brexit | @latimes

What to watch for in the markets after the Brexit shock | @nytimes

Brexit sent stocks sliding around the globe. The S&P 500 closed at 2,037.35 | @markets

BrexitVote: The Dow closed with its largest drop since August 2015 | @Variety

BrexitVote could affect Americans’ 401(k) plans, mortgages, personal businesses, vacation plans | @ABC7

What UK startups make of the shock Brexit vote by @riptari | @TechCrunch

Here’s what Brexit means for the tech industry | @TIME

British tech firms eye relocation after Brexit vote | @guardian

Why British scientists are freaking out about Brexit | @Gizmodo

Brexit big blow to UK science | @guardian

Scientific community worries that Brexit will mean loss of funding, talent, business and collaboration. @sciam | @michikokakutani

Academics are uniting in bewilderment at Brexit | @Independent

Cornwall voted for Brexit, and now wants to keep its EU funding | @anneapplebaum

Brexit is ‘terrible news for TV and film’ | @Independent

They couldn’t keep you in the dark | @BreitbartNews

HBO says Brexit won’t impact production on ‘Game of Thrones’ | @TIME

Arts hit back at Brexit: ‘I feel nothing but rage’ | @guardian

What Brexit means for the fashion industry | @ELLEmagazine

The British passport has lost a lot of its value already | @Independent

Brexit forces British expats to become FRENCH because they’re so scared of being sent home | @DailyMailUK

The 10 best places to emigrate to after Brexit | @Independent

How immigration fueled Brexit | @TheNatlInterest

Pro-Brexit politicians are the dog that caught the car. Now immigration is their problem. | @voxdotcom

How will EU migrant workers be affected by Brexit? Via @AlannaPetroff | @CNNMoney

Scapegoating immigrants for economic suffering is easier than confronting austerity | @thenation

So who are the winners from Brexit? | @guardian

Brexit Created Many Losers, But Some Winners Too | @NPR

Brexit was sold as a victory for the working class. It isn’t. | @thinkprogress

How the pied pipers of Brexit cheated the poor and how they might be stopped – excellent by Matthew Parris | @JasonCowleyNS

Actually, the ones most out of touch were the ones who didn’t see Brexit coming | @IngrahamAngle

Brexit could cause UK charities to lose over $200 million every year | @HuffingtonPost

Celebs on Brexit: “We had a headache, so we shot our foot off. Now we can’t walk, and we still have the headache.” | @Salon

Media stocks tank in US after Brexit vote | @THR

Hozier calls Brexit a “massive betrayal”: “My heart breaks” | @billboard

On the eve of Brexit, Elton John welcomed luminaries into his home for a more hopeful affair | @VanityFair

How Brexit could impact the creative industry | @FastCoDesign

Brexit Meets Monty Python on the New Yorker’s next cover | @FastCompany

27 Brexit tweets guaranteed to make Brits laugh, cry, or probably both | @BuzzFeedUK

30 Brexit tweets: Collection of best memes, jokes, cartoons, gifs on Twitter | @htTweets

How cartoonists around the world are reacting to Brexit | @Independent

Explaining Brexit in the best possible way—with Simpsons memes | @TheAVClub

Martin Rowson on the Brexit vote – cartoon | @guardian