UK Vol.53 (Post-EUref tweets Vol.5)

Here is really just a part of (analytical) tweets concerning the Brexit through earlier July.

@EvanLSolomon on the questions that Brexit poses for the Three Amigos and political parties | @MacleansMag

My column, on why Brexit seems so uncertain, and what a Canadian PM can do | @InklessPW

Recent interview with CFPS faculty fellow Ruben Zaiotti: Six Things for Atlantic Canadians to know about BREXIT vote | @dalcfps

Suddenly very relevant legal analysis | @benjaminwittes @opiniojuris

The defensive reflex of legal liberalism: more process. | @avermeule

Brexit – What’s next? [Soundcloud] | @LowyInstitute

Where is globalisation after Brexit? Me on @TurnbullMalcolm’s mixed messages | @SamRoggeveen

Here’s our Exec Director on how Brexit will influence Australian politics | @McKellInstitute

Our @cooneymj pondered brexit and #ausvotes last November in Queries for @FEPS_Europe | @ChifleyResearch

‘The worst impact of Brexit will come as a result of Britain’s shrinking international defence and security role.’ | @ASPI_org

The view from London: avoiding a European meltdown after Brexit | @JEyal_RUSI @ASPI_org

What Brexit Decision Means for Australia – @wellings_ben | @ausoutlook

Russia and Europe’s Far Right – James Leask | @ausoutlook

How will a Brexit vote play out around the world? Here’s what our experts had to say [Soundcloud] | @APPSPolicyForum

Should I stay or should I go? Asia-Pacific views on Brexit [Soundcloud] | @APPSPolicyForum

REGREXIT aftermath –  @GraftonQuentin and @theshepherdsdog on leadership gone wrong | @APPSPolicyForum

Nice piece on Brexit from a post colonial perspective by @RowCouch | @RDNS_TAI

What a Brexit Vote Means for Australia – Lee Smales | @ausoutlook

Brilliant new issue of Journal of Australian Political Economy @ProfSteveKeen @JimboStanford @grhutchens | @AdamDavidMorton

Brexit is a gift to Moscow – a geopolitical blunder. An emboldened Russia will benefit from division in the EU. | @actoncavanough

Sharpest ever fall in the pound. 10 % in a matter of hours. @BBCWorld | @actoncavanough

How will NATO’s European members adapt to Brexit? Via @Macquarie_Uni’s John Andrews | @ProSyn

ANU Law expert Anne McNaughton discusses the broader geo-political repercussions of a Brexit @RNSundayExtra | @ANU_Law

Brexit serves as a warning: An ascendant Asia doesn’t guarantee ASEAN’s survival – @DrMattDavies, @ANUBellSchool | @aseanstrategic

Brexit is a great setback for the security of the Western world, ANU expert Stephan Fruehling says @ANUBellSchool | @ANUmedia

Brexit shows we need to reform the EU + contest xenophobic populism w/ Prof Philomena Murray | @unimelb

Could the Brexit vote result in the UK remaining in the EU on improved terms?, Associate Professor Mark Melatos | @USydneyEcon

For the English, Brexit will mean economic pain: by Professor Stephen King via@conversation | @MonashUni

Brexit stage right: what Britain’s decision to leave the EU means for Australia via @ConversationEDU | @MonashUni

Witless white noise, virulent ugliness: Brexit debate plays out its last scenes via @ConversationEDU | @MonashUni

Anger, fear & excitement. UQ’s Elizabeth Brown shares implications of the Brexit vote. | @UQ_News

Want to know more about Brexit and the Bregrets that have followed? [Podcast] | @UQ_News

What now for Australian research in a post-Brexit world? via @ConversationEDU | @uwanews

The Brexit effect goes way beyond finances and will impact global security – @JohnBlaxland1 | @ABCthedrum

Britain has voted to exit the European Union. So what happens now? | @smh

Brexit protest draws thousands of people in London | @FinancialReview

Here are Bruce Yandle’s predictions for the US economy through 2016 | @mercatus

Has the Brexit referendum resulted in a years-long waiting game? #EWInextgen | @EWInstitute

See what Brookings experts are saying about the historic Brexit Vote, what it means for the US, and more | @BrookingsInst

Prof Kim Schoenholtz on fundamental questions related to global financial stability after Brexit @MoneyBanking1 | @NYUStern

Brexit might have cost banks $165 billion, @nyustern economists find | @nyuniversity

Prof Brad Hintz on the challenges to the European banking industry & the financial market impact of Brexit | @NYUStern

Brexit claims its first victim: the environment. New UK PM May shuts down Department f/ Energy & Climate Change | @BerkeleyLawCLEE

Pluralist political orders may be real losers in Brexit, writes @SSestanovich: @politico | @ColumbiaSIPA

Actual process of Brexit “is going to drag on for quite a while,” says Seamus O’Cleireacain: @pbsnewshour | @ColumbiaSIPA

Does Brexit vote make trade deals less attractive to Latin America? @ChrisSabatini: @foxnewslatino | @ColumbiaSIPA

“Brexit is a symptom of globalization’s deeper ills,” writes @JeffDSachs: @BostonGlobe | @ColumbiaSIPA

CGEG Director @Jan_Svejnar answers 5 questions re: Brexit; what is next for Great Britain & European Union | @CGEG_Columbia

What Comes Next for Europe? @YaleSOM professors talk Brexit implications. | @YaleInsights

David R. Cameron, professor of political science and director of the program in EU studies, comments on Britain… | @YaleMacMillan

Professor Jon Macey talks to @CNBC about how lawyers may be winners in a Brexit divorce | @YaleLawSch

Faculty Associate Harold James on Brexit: “Brexit’s supporters must now prove that they made the right choice.” | @PrincetonLISD

Jeremy Siegel and Joao Gomes tell us what the Brexit means for the US Economy [w Podcast] | @PennWhartonPPI

The IMF warns that the Brexit will affect the Eurozone’s economic growth | @PennWhartonPPI

Brexit signifies a new world where once robust democracies have grown fragile. @stephenWalt explains what went wrong | @BelferCenter

Brexit: Legal Implications by @sullcrom | @HarvardCorpGov

Economically, Brexit very bad but if any EU member could overcome withdrawal symptoms, UK might be the one | @PankajGhemawat

Ultimate backstabbing. I just love british politics. | @ThomasPHI2

“Brexit was a courageous thing to do” argues @cohen_eliot in his latest for @aminterest | @SAISStrat

Europe’s Loan Borrowers Rush to Refinance Before Brexit Vote. | @michaelgofman

@USCMarshall @TheNickVyas @USC_GSC Larry Harris share what you need to know about Brexit

Will Brexit affect you? | @SFStateCoB

There’s one group who isn’t the slightest bit surprised by Britain’s shock vote to leave the EU: the psychologists. | @LifeAtPAU

What the Brexit Vote Means for the US Economy | @TheFiscalTimes

How hard will Brexit hit the US economy? | @csmonitor

What the Brexit vote means for the US economy | @YahooFinance

What Brexit means for the US economy | @voxdotcom

Hillary Clinton on Brexit: ‘first task’ is to ensure ‘uncertainty created by these events does not hurt’ US economy | @ABCPolitics

What does today’s Brexit vote mean for the US economy? @Aarondklein explores | @BrookingsEcon

US is unprepared for potential post-Brexit financial panic | @SputnikInt

JUST IN: Yellen warns Brexit could have “significant repercussions” on US economy | @thehill

Thoughtful post-brexit proposals for “responsible nationalism” by @LHSummers | @jacklgoldsmith

UK citizens would start paying a high price from the morning after a vote for Brexit, Nick Bloom @Stanford @CEP_LSE

@GregDaco discusses the risks related to Brexit, impact on US economy & markets via @CNBC @PowerLunch | @OxfordEconomics

Great read on the BREXIT by @transferwise founder @taavet – an Estonian immigrant living in London, working in tech | @ElianCarsenat

Still undecided on #EUref ? Check out our dedicated Brexit page here | @CCBSCrossBorder

Irish Government Brexit Contingency Plans Announced | @merrionstreet

READ: Statement by Minister @CharlieFlanagan in response to the outcome of the UK referendum | @dfatirl

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Brexit row after saying Scotland shouldn’t be “dragged out” of EU. #ScotlandinEurope | @1johnmacdonald

On brexit, social mobility and political participationfrom @latimes | @csinuffield

BBC’s surprisingly negative view of legal stops 2 Brexit, based mostly on theory that Parliament will fall into line | @mfroomkin

Around 20 banks, unfazed by Brexit, to invest 500 million sterling in Britain: PwC | @Reuters

@fsb_policy & other business groups call for clear leadership & action Brexit Vote

Today @fsb_policy wrote to @OliverLetwinMP to fight for smallbiz post Brexit

Government must give ‘shot in the arm’ to businesses following Brexit vote @szupingc | @fsb_policy

@GoodwinMJ speaking at @fsb_policy report launch, discussing post-Brexit politics

Post #EURefResults – what @fsb_policy is doing to help smaller businesses

Small business confidence marked record plunge ahead of Brexit vote, @fsb_policy says | @telebusiness

See full @SEUPB statement on the referendum decision

This article in Spiegel on EU views of Brexit is well worth reading | @D_G_Alexander

After ‘Brexit,’ Amsterdam is top 1 EU financial center contender @liamstack (@nytimes) | @FDIMagnet

The lessons Latin America can learn from Brexit and the EU | @TheEconomist

Central banks key defence after Brexit. Source: The Straits Times | @UBS

What’s the impact of Brexit on European stocks? | @UBS

After Brexit: 10 asset classes you did not necessarily think about, by CIO Mark Haefele | @UBS

What are the currency options for Scotland if it leaves the UK? Read $BK Simon Derrick’s blog | @BNYMellon

After the Brexit? Analysts differ of opinion if the foreseen lower State budget must effect defence expenditures. | @martinbroek

The world’s markets brace for the harsh effects of Brexit | @rahksharma

Data regulation: Britain faces data privacy issues after Brexit #cyber #DataOps #OpenData | @JohnSnowLabs

Brexit has negative consequences for the UK economy, but how it will impact the rest of the Europe? | @CreditSuisse

How low can the pound go Post Brexit? Shahab Jalinoos discusses on @BloombergTV | @CreditSuisse

Official Statement from Credit Suisse CEO, Tidjane Thiam on the UK Referendum Results | @CreditSuisse

How will Brexit impact oil demand? @CreditSuisse’s David Hewitt explains to @CNBC | @csapac

Brexit Will Curtail UK’s Engagement in Balkans, Experts :: @BalkanInsight | @BesarLikmeta

Read our Brexit dossier. Also featuring Professors Clapham, Tille, @BaldwinRE & Hanhimäki. | @IHEID

3 factors that could hold Europe together: by @iheid alumnus Jennifer Blanke | @IHEID

@james_rogers and @LuisSimn write about the strategic implications of Brexit for @EuroGeostrategy…