US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.4 (Ms. Hillary Clinton’s issues)

Here are #TheDemocrats @HillaryClinton’s issues. Excerpts are on our own.

Economy and jobs
A fair tax system
Making sure the wealthy, Wall Street, and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.
As president, Hillary will:
Restore basic fairness to our tax code.
Close corporate and Wall Street tax loopholes and invest in America.
Simplify and cut taxes for small businesses so they can hire and grow.
Provide tax relief to working families from the rising costs they face.
Pay for ambitious investments in a fiscally responsible way.

An economy that works for everyone
We need to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.
As president, Hillary has a five-point plan to meet these challenges:
A 100-days jobs plan: Break through Washington gridlock to make the boldest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II.
Make debt free college available to all Americans.
Rewrite the rules so that more companies share profits with employees — and fewer ship profits and jobs overseas.
Make certain that corporations, the wealthy, and Wall Street pay their fair share.
Enact policies that meet the challenges families face in the 21st-century economy.
Fact sheet: Stronger Together

Climate change
Taking on the threat of climate change and making America the world’s clean energy superpower.
As president, Hillary will:
Defend, implement, and extend smart pollution and efficiency standards…
Launch a $60 billion Clean Energy Challenge…
Invest in clean energy infrastructure, innovation, manufacturing and workforce development…
Ensure safe and responsible energy production.
Reform leasing…
Cut the billions of wasteful tax subsidies oil and gas companies…
Cut methane emissions across the economy…
Revitalize coal communities…
Make environmental justice and climate justice central priorities
Promote conservation and collaborative stewardship.

Fixing America’s infrastructure
Strong infrastructure is critical to a strong economy.
As president, Hillary will:
Repair and expand our roads and bridges.
Lower transportation costs and unlock economic opportunity by expanding public transit options.
Connect all Americans to the internet.
Invest in building world-class American airports and modernize our national airspace system.
Build energy infrastructure for the 21st century.

We need housing policies that connect working families to opportunity.
As president, Hillary will:
Curb skyrocketing rental costs in areas of opportunity.
Remove barriers to sustainable homeownership.
-Help responsible homeowners save for a down payment.
-Support counseling programs for the significant financial commitment of homeownership.
-Update underwriting tools to reflect today’s job market.
-Clarify the rules of the road to expand access to home loans.
-Defend the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
-Enforce fair housing and fair lending laws.
Connect housing support in high-poverty neighborhoods to economic opportunity.
Revitalize communities being dragged down by physical decay.

Labor and workers’ rights
When unions are strong, America is strong.
As president, Hillary will:
Invest in good-paying jobs.
Restore collective bargaining rights for unions and defend against partisan attacks on workers’ rights.
Prevent countries like China from abusing global trade rules, and reject trade agreements, like the TPP, that don’t meet high standards.
Raise the minimum wage and strengthen overtime rules.
Invest in high-quality training, apprenticeships, and skill-building for workers. Fact sheet: Workforce and Skills Agenda (cf. @byron_auguste, Harry Holzer @McCourtSchool …)
Encourage companies to invest in workers.
Protect workers from exploitation…
Ensure policies meet the challenges families face in the 21st century economy.
Protect retirement security.

Hillary Clinton’s plan to strengthen manufacturing so we always “Make it in America.”
As president, Hillary will:
Strengthen American manufacturing…
Prevent countries like China from abusing global trade rules and reject trade agreements that don’t meet high standards.
Revitalize the hardest-hit manufacturing communities…
Crack down on companies that ship jobs and earnings overseas…
Invest in America’s manufacturing workforce to ensure that it will always be the best in the world.
Fact sheet: Strategy to “Make it in America”

Rural communities
America’s rural communities are the backbone of this country.
As president, Hillary will:
Spur investment.
Support family farms.
Promote clean energy.
Expand opportunity.
Fact sheet: Plan for a Vibrant Rural America

Small business
We have to level the playing field for America’s small businesses.
As president, Hillary will make it easier to start and grow a small business in America by:
Unlocking access to capital.
Cutting red tape to streamline the process of starting a small business.
Providing tax relief and simplification for small businesses.
Incentivize health care benefits for small businesses and their employees.
Opening new markets.
Making sure small businesses get paid — not stiffed.
Supporting small-business owners and entrepreneurs.
Make the federal government more responsive to small business.
Fact sheet: Hillary Clinton Will Make Life Easier for Small Business at Every Step of the Way

Social Security and Medicare
We must preserve, protect, and strengthen these lifelines.
Social Security
As president, Hillary will:
Defend Social Security against Republican attacks.
Expand Social Security for those who need it most and who are treated unfairly by the current system…
Preserve Social Security for decades to come by asking the wealthiest to contribute more.
As president, Hillary will:
Fight Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Fight back against Republican plans to privatize or “phase out” Medicare as we know it.
Drive down drug costs for seniors and other Americans.
Reform Medicare delivery systems to deliver value and quality to our seniors and people with disabilities.
Fact sheet: A Champion for America’s Seniors

Technology and innovation
We can harness the power of technology and innovation to work for all Americans.
As president, Hillary will:
Build the tech economy on Main Street
Invest in world-class digital infrastructure
Advance America’s global leadership in technology and innovation
Set rules of the road to promote innovation while protecting privacy
Fact sheet: Initiative on Technology & Innovation

Wall Street reform
Wall Street must work for Main Street.
Hillary’s plan will tackle dangerous risks in the financial system:
Impose a risk fee on the largest financial institutions. Big banks and financial companies would be required to pay a fee based on their size and their risk of contributing to another crisis.
Close loopholes that let banks make risky investments with taxpayer money. The Volcker Rule prohibits banks from making risky trading bets with taxpayer-backed money—one of the core protections of the post-financial crisis Wall Street reforms. However, under current law these banks can still invest billions through hedge funds, which are exempt from this rule. Hillary would close that loophole and strengthen the law.
Hold senior bankers accountable when a large bank suffers major losses. When a large bank suffers major losses with sweeping consequences, senior managers should lose some or all of their bonus compensation.
Make sure no financial firm is ever too big or too risky to be managed effectively. Hillary’s plan would give regulators more authority to force overly complex or risky firms—including banks, hedge funds and other non-bank financial institutions—to reorganize, downsize, or break apart.
Tackle financial dangers of the “shadow banking” system. Hillary’s plan will enhance transparency and reduce volatility in the “shadow banking system,” which includes certain activities of hedge funds, investment banks, and other non-bank financial companies.
Impose a tax on high-frequency trading. The growth of high-frequency trading has unnecessarily placed stress on our markets, created instability, and enabled unfair and abusive trading strategies. Hillary would impose a tax on harmful high-frequency trading and reform rules to make our stock markets fairer, more open, and transparent.
Hillary would also hold both corporations and individuals on Wall Street accountable by:
Prosecuting individuals when they break the law. Hillary would extend the statute of limitations for prosecuting major financial frauds, enhance whistleblower rewards, and provide the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission with more resources to prosecute wrongdoing.
Holding executives accountable when they are responsible for their subordinates’ misconduct. Hillary believes that when corporations pay large fines to the government for violating the law, those fines should cut into the bonuses of the executives who were responsible for or should have caught the problem. And when egregious misconduct happens on an executive’s watch, that executive should lose his or her job.
Holding corporations accountable when they break the law. Hillary will make sure that corporations can’t treat penalties for breaking the law as merely a cost of doing business, so we can put an end to the patterns of corporate wrongdoing that we see too often today.
Fact sheet: Wall Street Should Work for Main Street
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Health care
Universal, quality, affordable health care for everyone in America
As president, Hillary will:
Defend and expand the Affordable Care Act, which covers 20 million people.
Bring down out-of-pocket costs like copays and deductibles.
Reduce the cost of prescription drugs.
Protect consumers from unjustified prescription drug price increases from companies that market long-standing, life-saving treatments and face little or no competition.
Fight for health insurance for the lowest-income Americans in every state by incentivizing states to expand Medicaid — and make enrollment through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act easier.
Expand access to affordable health care to families regardless of immigration status.
Expand access to rural Americans, who often have difficulty finding quality, affordable health care.
Defend access to reproductive health care.
Double funding for community health centers, and support the healthcare workforce…

We have reached a critical moment in our fight against HIV and AIDS.
Hillary will continue to fight towards the goal of an AIDS-free generation. As president, she will:
Work to fully implement the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.
Invest in research to end HIV and AIDS.
Cap out-of-pocket expenses for people living with HIV and AIDS.
Expand utilization of HIV prevention medications, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).
Fight to extend Medicaid coverage to provide life-saving health care to people living with HIV.
Reform outdated, stigmatizing HIV criminalization laws.
Increase the number of people on HIV treatment worldwide.
Hillary has fought for decades to combat HIV and AIDS — and the stigma and pain that accompany it…

National security
National security
With policies that keep us strong and safe, America will lead the world in the 21st century.
As president, Hillary will:
Ensure we are stronger at home.
Stick with our allies.
Embrace all the tools of American power…
-Preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
-Building stronger ties between Cubans and Americans.
Be firm but wise with our rivals.
-Stand up to Vladimir Putin.
-Hold China accountable.
Have a real plan for confronting terrorists.
Hillary has a record of defending America and our core values…
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