US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.7 (polls up to early morning 11/7)

One day left. Here are articles mainly on polls up to early morning 11/7 EST.

How Much Did Comey Hurt Clinton’s Chances?: And is it too late for his second letter to help her? (11/6) | @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight

Election Update: Don’t Ignore The Polls — Clinton Leads, But It’s A Close Race (11/6) | @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight

Elections Podcast Countdown: House And Senate Preview (11/6) | @jodyavirgan,@redistrict,@forecasterenten @FiveThirtyEight

@foxnewspoll: Clinton ahead of Trump by two points (11/5) | @danablanton_nyc

Election Update: The Campaign Is Almost Over, And Here’s Where We Stand (11/5) | @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight

Battle for White House | @RealClearNews

No Toss Up States | @RealClearNews

Who will win the presidency? | @FiveThirtyEight

2016 Eletion Forecast Update – President | @FiveThirtyEight

POLL UPDATE: 2016 General Election – Clinton 49%, Trump 46% (UPI/CVOTER 10/30-11/5) | @pollsterpolls

@PollHeadlines (11/6)

2016 October New Hampshire Poll of Likely Voters (10/26; w PDFs) | @UMassPoll

Perceptions of Clinton’s Honesty Unchanged After FBI Letter (11/4) | @Frank_Newport, Michael Smith @GallupNews

Most Still Say Clinton Broke The Law (11/4) | @Rasmussen_Poll

Is 99% a reasonable probability? (11/6) | @SamWangPhD @Princeton

Senate No Toss Ups 2016 – RACE CHANGES | @RealClearNews

Rubio Up In Florida Senate Race, GOP Holding Ohio, Dem Edge In North Carolina And PA Too Close To Call, @QuinnipiacPoll Finds (11/3)

The final stretch: Spending in key Senate races tops $800 million (11/4) | Josh Stewart @SunFoundation

U.S. Voters Prefer GOP Congress if Clinton Is Elected (11/4) | Jeffrey M. Jones ‏@GallupNews

Battle for the House 2016 | @RealClearNews

2016 Governor Races | @RealClearNews

Presidential, governor’s races too close to call in N.C., voters worried about decisions next president will make: The survey conducted Oct. 23-27 is the final survey by @elonpoll before Election Day on Nov. 8. (11/1)

[National] 2016 Brought Out Worst in People: Seven percent report ending friendship over presidential race (w PDF; 9/28) | @MonmouthPoll

Which Issues Are the Most Critical for Trump, Clinton? (11/4) | Dan Witters, @Frank_Newport, ‏@LydiaSaad1 ‏@GallupNews

Demographic and Economic Profiles of Hispanics by State and County, 2014 – Latinos as percent of population, by state, 2014 | @PewHispanic

3. Where Hispanic population growth is driving general population growth (9/8) | @ReneeAStepler,@mhugolopez @PewHispanic

Obamacare Has Increased Insurance Coverage Everywhere (9/22) | @BurritoBracket,‏@bencasselman @FiveThirtyEight

2016 Election [Archives: reports, publications, et al.] | ‏@pewresearch

2. Factors underlying voter preferences, positive and negative voting (10/27) | ‏@pewresearch

3. Views of candidate ‘insults,’ criticism and political divisions (10/27) | ‏@pewresearch

4. How voters view Clinton and Trump’s respect for men and women, racial and religious groups (10/27) | ‏@pewresearch

6. Views of domestic issues: race, immigration, health care, abortion, Supreme Court (10/27) | ‏@pewresearch

7. Opinions on U.S. international involvement, free trade, ISIS and Syria, Russia and China (10/27) | ‏@pewresearch

The Politics of Climate (10/4) | @surveyfunk & Brian Kennedy ‏@pewinternet
Polarized views about climate issues stretch from the causes and cures for climate change to trust in climate scientists and their research. But most Americans support a role for scientists in climate policy, and there is bipartisan support for expanding solar, wind energy

A gender gap in views of Hillary Clinton, even among her supporters (11/5) | SAMANTHA SMITH ‏@pewresearch

Religion And Education Explain The White Vote (9/23) | @milobela @FiveThirtEight

How religious is your state? (2/29) | @MikeLipka,@benjiwo @PewReligion

U.S. religious groups and their political leanings (2/23) | @MikeLipka @PewReligion

The most and least educated U.S. religious groups (11/4) | @CaryleM ‏@FactTank

1. Regular local voting, community attachment strongly linked to news habits (11/3) | MICHAEL BARTHEL, JESSE HOLCOMB, JESSICA MAHONE & AMY MITCHELL @pewjournalism

Clinton And Trump Are Both Promising An Extreme Supreme Court (8/1) | @ollie @FiveThirtyEight

With just days to go, Triumph has some shocking new revelations on Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton.

How Teens In The Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News | @CraigSilverman,@LawrenceA_UK @BuzzFeed @NiemanLab
BuzzFeed News identified more than 100 pro-Trump websites being run from a single town in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Passing the Baton (11/2) | @LeeMiringoff @maristpoll

The Political Process Isn’t Rigged — It Has Much Bigger Problems (8/4) | @Redistrict @FiveThirtyEight

Why Democrats Must Not Underestimate Donald Trump (3/23) | @PollHeadlines

What The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Can Teach Us About Political Polarization | @eitanhersh (@Yale) @FiveThirtyEight

Why Republican Voters Decided On Trump (5/4) | @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight

The End Of A Republican Party: Racial and cultural resentment have replaced the party’s small government ethos.(7/18) | @ClareMalone @ForecasterEnten,@davidnield @FiveThirtyEight