UK Vol.96 (England Vol.7 – East Midlands Vol.2)

Lincolnshire, Rutland, and Northamptonshire


Performance Practices of Graingers “Lincolnshire Posy”
The Mysterious Radio Stations Broadcasting Secret Messages (09/28/2017) | Bruno Bayley @vice
Margaret Thatcher | @Bio  
Margaret Thatcher – Lincolnshire’s ‘Iron Lady’ | @lincstothepast   
Isaac Newton: The man who discovered gravity | @BBC 
Economy | Lincolnshire Research Observatory  
Research – @unilincoln  

The British Belt Company


Economic Growth Strategy 2014-2021 (PDF) | @rutlandcouncil
9 reasons Rutland is the best place to live in the UK (27/01/2017) | Charlie Pallett @metrouk
Rutland the Once and Future County (07/13/2016) | Jim Hargan @brit_heritage
Tourism Vision 2016-2019 (PDF) | @DiscoverRutland
From pews with views to Gastro gourmet: six things to do in… Rutland (18/10/2010) | Gareth Huw Davies @MailOnline
View from Rutland: economic tensions in England’s smallest county (10/06/2017) | @sarahditum @NewStatesman
Independent Schools Inspectorate @OakhamSch (PDF; 2013)

Northamptonshire Boot and Shoe

UK England Northampton GrantThorntonUK
Business and economy @mycountycouncil
Northampton now UK’s number one town for new business creation – beats London (17/10/2016) | @UHYHackerYoung
Campaign launched to boost tourism to Northamptonshire (27/03/2017) | @itcnews
5 Local Beers From Northamptonshire (04/06/2017) | @Bugsys_Barbers
@UniNorthants research