Iowa Vol.9

Mention the name Charles Grassley, and many Iowans think of politics. It’s understandable since this longtime U.S. sen. was first elected at 25 to IA State Legislature. What Iowans may not realize is how Grassley’s farm background has influenced him. — The Messenger (@Messenger_News) August 22, 2020 Prestage Foods of Iowa has recently … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.9”

Iowa Vol.8 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.3 (caucus)

The agendas of Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are more progressive than those of Barack Obama in 2008 and Hillary Clinton in 2016 — The Economist (@TheEconomist) February 8, 2020 Monday: Chiefs coach happy to go to White House Dem Iowa Caucus disaster Tuesday: Trump crushes SOTU, Pelosi rips presidential speech Wednesday: Trump acquitted … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.8 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.3 (caucus)”

Iowa Vol.7 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.2 (caucus)

BREAKING: WITH 97% REPORTING BERNIE SANDERS HAS WON THE POPULAR VOTE IN IOWA #IowaCaucus — People for Bernie (@People4Bernie) February 6, 2020 Bernie speaks for the first time in New Hampshire after early returns show him winning the popular vote in Iowa caucus: — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) February 5, 2020 BREAKING: Bernie 2020 … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.7 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.2 (caucus)”

Iowa Vol.6 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.1 (caucus)

THE FIRST-IN-THE-NATION Iowa Caucuses | THE IOWA DEMOCRATIC PARTY CBS News asked @MikeBloomberg — who is campaigning in California during the Iowa Caucuses — about his feud with President Trump, and whether people want to see two billionaires fighting on Twitter. Bloomberg: "Two billionaires? Who's the second one?" — CBS News (@CBSNews) February 4, … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.6 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.1 (caucus)”

Iowa Vol.5 (state, cities)

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Iowa Vol.4 (corporations)

Iowa is admitted in to the Union #OTD 1846, becoming the 29th state #ChronAm — Library of Congress (@librarycongress) December 28, 2018 #OTD in 1846, Iowa became the 29th state. 2nd of 3 states added during James K. Polk’s presidency. — Presidential Trivia (@triviapotus) December 28, 2018 Interested in our new … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.4 (corporations)”

Iowa Vol.3 #Iowa Dept of #Agriculture & Land Stewardship starts new program giving farmers who plant #covercrops a $5/acre discount on crop insurance over next 3 years; big implications for improved #water quality! #sustainableag — Dana James (@dmjames_) December 7, 2017 Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Minnesota are still the big 4 in corn production. The … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.3”

Iowa Vol.2

State of Iowa DEPARTMENTS City of Des Moines City of Cedar Rapids City of Davenport Sioux City Iowa Chamber of Commerce Executives news Iowa Chamber Alliance Policy Issues Iowa, the Hawkeye State, was the 29th state to be admitted to the Union #OTD 1846 — Library of Congress (@librarycongress) December 28, 2017 #OTD … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.2”

Iowa Vol.1 @exploreokoboji,@IaBusinessCoun @NewtonDNews — WSI_USA (@wsi_usa) January 18, 2016 IA econ @BusinessIOWA @qctimes @daswenson;@icul;@riafcu — WSI_USA (@wsi_usa) October 23, 2015 Ag @DonnelleE @IowaSoybeans @iowa_corn @IowaPorkFarmers @Iowa_Env @practicalfarmer @ISU_AgDM — WSI_USA (@wsi_usa) October 22, 2015 Good news for #IA's econ #homesales, net #taxreceipts, condition of #crops #IFA #djamison #LSA … Continue reading “Iowa Vol.1”

World Vol.106 (Alaska meeting)

Despite frosty talks, Biden will be good for U.S.-China relationship, says ex-defence secretary — Reuters Politics (@ReutersPolitics) March 20, 2021 Tense China-U.S. talks heighten need for improved crisis management – Chinese adviser — Reuters (@Reuters) March 20, 2021 U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there 'are a number of areas … Continue reading “World Vol.106 (Alaska meeting)”

World Vol.56 (U.S., etc.)

Ontario farmer Tony Neale sees an opportunity in the pandemic to rethink where our food comes from. @nickpurdoncbc — CBC News: The National (@CBCTheNational) November 21, 2020 BREAKING: Canada and U.K. announce a transitional trade agreement, ending negotiations. Next, the deal must be approved by both governments. — CBC News (@CBCNews) November 21, … Continue reading “World Vol.56 (U.S., etc.)”

World Vol.43

Our coronavirus wave tracker covers 39 countries, combining data from 173 sub-national areas — The Economist (@TheEconomist) August 30, 2020 New blog from our excellent @Uni_of_Essex careers team: Graduate roles, placements, internships – job opportunities have suddenly disappeared. Find out what businesses are doing in the current pandemic & how to access rewarding … Continue reading “World Vol.43”

Science and Technology Vol.32

Ingredients:1 tbsp. soy sauce½ tsp. ginger1 tsp. red pepper flakes1 tbsp. scallions2 tsp. rice vinegar2½ oz. beef1 oz. red bell pepper1½ tbsp. butter½ tsp. garlic1 tbsp. almond butter — CrossFit (@CrossFit) July 3, 2020 7 Reasons Steak is Healthy (and Nutrients in Every Cut) — Defending Beef (@DefendingBeef) July 4, 2020 Could health care … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.32”

World Vol.17 (#coronavirus)

The lesson from the 1918 flu pandemic is clear — shut most everything and do not open too early. How some cities ‘flattened the curve’ during the 1918 flu pandemic via @NatGeo — Michael Morell (@MichaelJMorell) March 28, 2020 The coronavirus recession is exposing how the economy was not strong as it seemed … Continue reading “World Vol.17 (#coronavirus)”

UK Vol.156 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.54: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

Regional and country: economic indicators (PDF; 10/09/2019) | Daniel Harari & Matthew Ward @commonslibrary pp4-5  UK / England / Scotland / Wales / N. Ireland / North / East / North / West / Population 2017, millions: 66.0 / 55.6 / 5.4 / 3.1 / 1.9 / 2.6 / 7.3 / Total output (GVA) 2017, £ … Continue reading “UK Vol.156 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.54: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)”

US Policy Changes Vol.101 (Trade Vol.9: USMCA) / Canada Vol.22

Still not sure how #USMCA differs from #NAFTA? Check out this @PassUSMCA infographic! USMCA includes better labor provisions, IP protections, and #smallbiz provisions than its outdated predecessor –> #PassUSMCAnow! — The Pass USMCA Coalition (@PassUSMCA) August 20, 2019 Mexico and Canada already have updated #NAFTA by virtue of their #CPTPP membership, providing … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.101 (Trade Vol.9: USMCA) / Canada Vol.22”

Colorado Vol.8 (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Research by Leeds Assistant Professor of Marketing Philip M. Fernbach and doctoral candidate Nicholas Light takes the lead in this health piece by @nytimes. #LeedsBiz #research — Leeds Business (@leedsbiz) July 22, 2019 Living paycheck to paycheck is an unfortunate reality for many. Leeds faculty member, Ed Van Wesep's research on the timing of … Continue reading “Colorado Vol.8 (University of Colorado, Boulder)”

Ireland Vol.39 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.3: United States)

Other cities Hundreds turn out for Portland’s St. Patrick’s Day parade — Kennebec Journal (@KJ_Online) March 18, 2019 This is becoming a St. Patrick’s Day tradition by our very own Bill Buffa! Thank you for an incredible experience! #Irish — F. W. Holbein School (@HolbeinSchool) March 15, 2019 The SRU Chamber … Continue reading “Ireland Vol.39 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.3: United States)”

Canada Vol.8 (Alberta)

@YourAlberta @jkenney @Alberta_UCP @AlbertaEconomy @Alberta_Energy @ABInnovates @AlbertaAg @AlbertaWheat @AlbertaBarley @AlbertaMilk @albertabeef @Alberta_Chicken @EFA_AB_eggs @ABFarmerExpress @Albertaparks @AlbertWildfire @AB_Enviro @AlbertaCulture @TravelAlberta @Banff_Town @banffcentre @BanffMtnFest @Banff_Squirrel @BanffNP @JasperNP @TourismJasper @CityofEdmonton @EEDC @EdmontonChamber @DBAyeg @DECLorg @YegdtMarket @StrathconaMrkt @whereedmonton @ExploreEdmonton @shop124street @AvenueEdmonton @edmontonjournal @thestaredmonton @Edmontonsun @UAlberta @atbfinancial @bioware @boosterjuice @TheBrick @CWBcommunity @EPCOR @FountainTire @NeWestPress @Novosbed @ORIJENPetfood @ParadoxAccess @PCLConstruction @theatresports @ServusCU … Continue reading “Canada Vol.8 (Alberta)”

US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)

Here are articles on energy, free market, electricity franchise, the environment, et al. Excerpts are on our own. ‘America First’ Energy Plan Challenges Free Market Realities (2/7/2017) | @jeffbradynpr … “Drilling for oil and gas has picked up remarkably,” he says. In its Feb. 3 “rig count,” the oil field services company Baker Hughes reports … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)”

US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.3 (Mr. Donald Trump’s policies)

Here are #GOP @realDonaldTrump’s positions (policies). Excerpts are on our own. CYBERSECURITY Order an immediate review of all U.S. cyber defenses and vulnerabilities, including critical infrastructure, by a Cyber Review Team of individuals from the military, law enforcement, and the private sector. – The Cyber Review Team will provide specific recommendations for safeguarding different entities … Continue reading “US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.3 (Mr. Donald Trump’s policies)”