U.S. universities and colleges Vol.66 (A-State) / Arkansas Vol.13

The College of Agriculture at Arkansas State University has received a $500,000 grant to expand and improve the laboratory space devoted to livestock research.https://t.co/CvCYKGO1qI — A-State College of Agriculture (@AStateCoA) January 18, 2021 Check out this article featuring Associate Professor of Animal Science, Dr. David Newman! https://t.co/VwVgTBH6GZ — A-State College of Agriculture (@AStateCoA) January 7, … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.66 (A-State) / Arkansas Vol.13”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.65 (UArk – agriculture, etc.) / Arkansas Vol.12

New primocane-fruiting blackberry developed by distinguished prof of #Horticulture John Clark is released.#FruitBreeding #AgFoodLife@ASHS_Hort @AHS_Gardening @raspblackassoc @FGNews @Produce_Grower https://t.co/E0rJX04I7M — Bumpers College (@bumperscollege) March 4, 2021 Juanita Gil is a Ph.D. student in #PlantPathology, competing in The American Phytopathological Society Southern Division contest. #PlantPath #ento#AgFoodLife@UofAGradSchool @sd_aps @plantdisease @arkansassoybean @SPEL_UARK https://t.co/t6pPVU3b58 — Bumpers College (@bumperscollege) February … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.65 (UArk – agriculture, etc.) / Arkansas Vol.12”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.64 (UArk – business, etc.) / Arkansas Vol.11

Our dean @MatthewAWaller sits down with the Duley Noted podcast to talk business. @TheDuleyGroup https://t.co/0uQmxeXhMk — U of A Walton College (@uawaltoncollege) March 8, 2021 .@UArkansas grads Donna (B.S.B.A. Walton College) and Harvey (@UofA_Engr) Williams and their sweet-potato distillery in Helena featured at @Forbes https://t.co/v38ot21RDp — U of A Walton College (@uawaltoncollege) March 1, 2021 … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.64 (UArk – business, etc.) / Arkansas Vol.11”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.63 (UArk – economy, politics, etc.) / Arkansas Vol.10

SSDT: We've discussed the broad implications, but within the stimulus plan includes: direct payments, additional jobless assistance, & support for parents as well as funding for tests/vaccines, school re-openings, business support, & local municipalities.https://t.co/CLtpO5DFeg — UALR Economics (@UALREconomics) March 11, 2021 SSDT: Anchor Packaging is expanding operations in Paragould. Motivated by AR infrastructure, business climate, … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.63 (UArk – economy, politics, etc.) / Arkansas Vol.10”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.62 (Harding, UOzarks, Arkansas Tech, Henderson State, Hendrix, Lyon, Ouachita Baptist, John Brown, Southern Arkansas) / Arkansas Vol.9

We think Arkansas is pretty awesome and now others do to. Arkansas has ranked as a top destination for talent relocating to mid-size markets. https://t.co/UiFrrHSICA — Harding College of Business (@HU_COBA) February 26, 2021 #COBAProud https://t.co/Deyj6Wtmsr — Harding College of Business (@HU_COBA) January 29, 2021 COBA News: Congratulations to HU accounting alum Jeff Venable for … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.62 (Harding, UOzarks, Arkansas Tech, Henderson State, Hendrix, Lyon, Ouachita Baptist, John Brown, Southern Arkansas) / Arkansas Vol.9”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.57 (KU) / Kansas Vol.10

A rapid COVID-19 test developed by KU researchers could be in your home in a matter of months. @KUChemistry prof. Steven Soper discusses the need for testing a year into the pandemic: @kmbc https://t.co/uMcVeD5mrz — KU College of LA&S (@KUCollege) March 4, 2021 Hundreds of meatpacking workers have lost their lives to the pandemic. “What … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.57 (KU) / Kansas Vol.10”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.56 (KU) / Kansas Vol.9

Optics, aliens, or both.https://t.co/DXfIZxIVkm — KU Physics and Astronomy (@KUPhysicsAstro) March 5, 2021 https://t.co/IdFbF9GZBn — KU Physics and Astronomy (@KUPhysicsAstro) March 4, 2021 https://t.co/5x6Eqy0kSN — KU Physics and Astronomy (@KUPhysicsAstro) March 4, 2021 https://t.co/YfDdw0oZ0b — KU Physics and Astronomy (@KUPhysicsAstro) March 3, 2021 We're getting closer and closer to sharks with lasers on their heads.https://t.co/feezosOSXu … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.56 (KU) / Kansas Vol.9”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.55 (KU) / Kansas Vol.8

When surfing the web, we tend to rely on big tech companies to verify information for us, says @KUJournalism prof Hong Tien Vu. He and fellow J-School prof @yvonneschen examined what makes us likely to share fake health news. #KUdiscoverieshttps://t.co/lkQWWriZbc — KU News Service (@KUnews) March 5, 2021 Growing up in the 1980s, @KUHistoryDept prof … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.55 (KU) / Kansas Vol.8”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.54 (K-State, etc.) / Kansas Vol.7

#KState's Research Information Security Enclave, or RISE, has been selected for the @EDUCAUSE 2021 #HorizonReportInfoSec. See what #HigherEd professionals say about the future of information security: https://t.co/8IRd4pwRaA@itnewskstate @KState @KStateNews @CIOKSU @KStateVPR — K-State Research (@KState_RSCAD) February 16, 2021 17 students in the Research and Development of Food Products class in @kstateag recently developed novel foods … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.54 (K-State, etc.) / Kansas Vol.7”

Arkansas Vol.8

U.S. consumer prices climb 0.4% https://t.co/Sr1EK75tYG — AR Democrat-Gazette (@ArkansasOnline) September 13, 2020 State's confirmed coronavirus death toll rises by 11; 727 new cases recorded https://t.co/5DvATYxpq1 — AR Democrat-Gazette (@ArkansasOnline) September 12, 2020 OPINION | WALLY HALL: Arkansas State earned win against Power 5 team https://t.co/ezGWz4R8Xg — AR Democrat-Gazette (@ArkansasOnline) September 12, 2020 UALR's student … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.8”

Nebraska Vol.4 (#coronavirus) / Kansas Vol.6 (#coronavirus)

Q&A: Oil prices go negative. What does that mean?https://t.co/ohuvqPWxG7 — The Grand Island Independent (@theindependent) April 21, 2020 As people stay home, Earth turns wilder and cleaner. These before-and-after images show the change.https://t.co/jPsJeyu3Uv — The Grand Island Independent (@theindependent) April 22, 2020 Reviewing 7 of the best and worst fresh food meal kitshttps://t.co/PvKInTXWWh — The … Continue reading “Nebraska Vol.4 (#coronavirus) / Kansas Vol.6 (#coronavirus)”

Missouri Vol.11 (incl #coronavirus) / Arkansas Vol.7 (incl #coronavirus) / Oklahoma Vol.8 (incl #coronavirus) / Utah Vol.6 (incl #coronavirus)

Doctor on front line of St. Louis’ fight against coronavirus: ‘Don’t waste all the effort and pain’ https://t.co/IX71oneDbO — St. Louis Post-Dispatch (@stltoday) April 16, 2020 Reasons for hope: The drugs, tests and tactics that may conquer coronavirus https://t.co/RbnAyXgvpP pic.twitter.com/5EgtYL8Cd9 — St. Louis Post-Dispatch (@stltoday) April 17, 2020 We bent the curve, local doc says. … Continue reading “Missouri Vol.11 (incl #coronavirus) / Arkansas Vol.7 (incl #coronavirus) / Oklahoma Vol.8 (incl #coronavirus) / Utah Vol.6 (incl #coronavirus)”

Arkansas Vol.6 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.19 (#SuperTuesday)

Part of what the wins in Oklahoma and Arkansas show is that Biden is stronger with working-class white voters than Clinton was 4 years ago. That could scramble the map a bit. The counter is that Sanders is quite a bit stronger with Hispanic voters than he was 4 years ago. — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.6 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.19 (#SuperTuesday)”

Kansas Vol.5 (state, cities, corporations)

@ksgovernment @KansasCommerce @networkkansas @ecomm_ks @KansasChamber @sbdckansas @KansasDOL @KansasDeptofAg @KSFarmBureau @KSFarmersUnion @KansasWheat @kscorn @KsSoybean @newsfromkla @KansasBeef @KansasStateFair @kswateroffice @KDHE @KDOTHQ @kshighwaypatrol @KansasEmergency @kansashistory @kansasdotcom @KANSASMag @APIKansas @CityofWichita @ChamberWichita @WichitaBusiness @WichitaCityArts @WichitaOrpheum @wichitalifeict @DowntownWichita @VisitWichita @WichiTweets @EagleBizToday @ICTBizJournal @opcares @opchamber @visitop @CityofKCK @KCKChamber @KCKBPU @VisitKCK @cityoftopeka @GTPartnership @VisitTopeka @CJOnline @seveneightfive @TopekaMagazine @KochIndustries @DillonsGrocery @sprint @AMCTheatres @SpiritAero @dfamilk … Continue reading “Kansas Vol.5 (state, cities, corporations)”

Kansas Vol.4 (miscellaneous)

@UnivOfKansas @KState @WichitaState Kansas State Treasurer Kansas | @HISTORY Kansas | @usnews … During the 18th century, the land was traded between France and Spain before becoming a U.S. territory as part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 allowed settlers to decide whether the territories would be admitted as free or … Continue reading “Kansas Vol.4 (miscellaneous)”

Arkansas Vol.5 (corporations)

Did @TheFeedBlogger have what it takes to be a truck driver? Full video available on #TheFeedBlog: https://t.co/Y2bLbhZ3uD #RaisingExpectations pic.twitter.com/EmNaQ2C6C4 — Tyson Foods (@TysonFoods) May 29, 2019 5 Myths and a Truth, find out what aisle you need to visit in the grocery store. #RaisingExpectations on #TheFeedBlog. https://t.co/w5vpSPfatn — Tyson Foods (@TysonFoods) May 28, 2019 We’re … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.5 (corporations)”

Arkansas Vol.4 / Large enterprises Vol.2 (Walmart)

Beavercreek Walmart handing out bottled water Saturday https://t.co/1N2FrDhcer — Dayton.com (@daytondotcom) May 31, 2019 How @walmart is unleashing its massive TECH power to make shopping IN-STORE shopping better! pic.twitter.com/yyVXYOTY41 — Lauren Simonetti (@SimonettiLauren) May 30, 2019 Exclusive: Walmart to make first direct pitch to big corporate ad buyers at New York event https://t.co/rbziVOs8iG pic.twitter.com/gcLSETmGfr — … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.4 / Large enterprises Vol.2 (Walmart)”

Arkansas Vol.3 / Large enterprises Vol.1 (Walmart)

A chance to partner with @kingjames? That’s a no-brainer! Our journey starts with investing in education, fighting hunger, and helping people live better. We’re looking forward to all the great things we’ll do together! Learn more: — Walmart (@Walmart) May 15, 2019 https://twitter.com/Walmart/status/1126931784736731136 Mother’s Day tip: Bring your mom to Walmart to pick out her … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.3 / Large enterprises Vol.1 (Walmart)”

Kansas Vol.3 (corporations)

Here are six things to know before becoming a nurse. #RN #nurse #healthcare https://t.co/eZXQjrk9Zj — Favorite Staffing (@FavoriteStaff) January 24, 2019 Kansas City was named one of the best places to travel in 2019 by National Geographic. Become a travel nurse with Favorite and live in this great city! https://t.co/N6TD13aoRm — Favorite Staffing (@FavoriteStaff) January … Continue reading “Kansas Vol.3 (corporations)”

Kansas Vol.2 (corporations)

https://twitter.com/Koch_Industries/status/1088871523295940609 At a Wichita, KS middle school, an interest in robotics has steadily grown over the past four years. Teacher Brian Campbell has created an after-school club where current and past students can work together. READ THE STORY: https://t.co/53W7TcXBcJ — Koch Industries (@Koch_Industries) January 24, 2019 3D metal printing? Koch Disruptive Technologies is investing in … Continue reading “Kansas Vol.2 (corporations)”

Missouri Vol.4 (Kansas City)

"As host, Kansas City will showcase how strategic investments in education and infrastructure have created a thriving business-friendly climate." https://t.co/Nevk7Viyxp — National League of Cities (@leagueofcities) July 30, 2018 Strong employment growth in #KansasCity's #advindustries, over 7% per yr from '13-'15https://t.co/r0jewi4DFZ — Brookings Metro (@BrookingsMetro) September 4, 2016 The nation’s big cities are losing population, … Continue reading “Missouri Vol.4 (Kansas City)”

Arkansas Vol.2

@arkansasgov @CityLittleRock City of Fort Smith blog City of Fayetteville GIS Interactive Maps City of Springdale GIS & Interactive Mapping @CityofJonesboro Today in History: Arkansas becomes the 25th state, 1836 #otd #tih https://t.co/oyf4NIJx3O pic.twitter.com/BIPLqD5jhj — Library of Congress (@librarycongress) June 15, 2018 Great news for Mississippi County & all of Arkansas!Nucor opens cold mill on … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.2”

Arkansas Vol.1

AR. @CheckoutWalton https://t.co/bt8VkqqEQKhttps://t.co/4e5aW7JhNv @jbhunt360@AR_Economist https://t.co/kg0sq3QOlV pic.twitter.com/bIYzBINBK6 — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) November 2, 2015 #EximBankUS-insured exports praised: $27.4B, FY2014; 44 #AR firms, $784M, 2007-15 http://t.co/92moOrZvSg &cons #Delta pic.twitter.com/QIEdYcz0j0 — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) June 8, 2015 .@AR_Economist https://t.co/kg0sq3QOlV@tbarkansas https://t.co/c0M3IYb5V5@NWABJ @bonbauman https://t.co/gvsqPq7pUF pic.twitter.com/OjwUizdwqk — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) September 19, 2016 https://t.co/XLjKohiMHi @uaex_aghttps://t.co/ZFxpauIIgH @ArFBhttps://t.co/Y04uzetEXN @ARManufacturing @ArkansasEDChttps://t.co/EN8PBBJjnm … Continue reading “Arkansas Vol.1”

Kansas Vol.1

. @ksprosperity https://t.co/QzzW4dsdI9@SeanSandefur https://t.co/SxWCCQioOM@alvarezmarsal https://t.co/FzQBqr995x pic.twitter.com/Z8KdIYbQRr — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) January 20, 2016 https://t.co/vQCmcJLBHS @GWEDChttps://t.co/Dz3bupJfvm @KState_RSCADhttps://t.co/U501Sjtj0d @josephfmonaco,@BTBC_KUhttps://t.co/uwJ1jf5qTb — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) November 22, 2015 KS @KansasCityFed https://t.co/psuGMa6aEd@KansasCommerce https://t.co/4QBYIePJim@wsuCEDBR https://t.co/ww8hol0dug pic.twitter.com/KxkMTGe85R — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) November 20, 2015 "@TTUCASNR @TexasTech will join @The_BCI @KState http://t.co/tcL7nDImmc @FarmFutures" animal health/nutrition/welfare pic.twitter.com/iWpTL9cljB — World Solutions USA … Continue reading “Kansas Vol.1”

World Vol.186 (U.S. – 20th anniversary of 9/11)

9/11's legacy: By the numbers.U.S. society has profoundly changed since 9/11. Here’s the Monitor’s take on those shifts. pic.twitter.com/2i1GriBiyP — The Christian Science Monitor (@csmonitor) September 11, 2021 Gander remains in the spotlight beyond 9/11: From Broadway musical to a popular tourism stop in the North Atlantic. https://t.co/Wsriiacc3t — The Christian Science Monitor (@csmonitor) September … Continue reading “World Vol.186 (U.S. – 20th anniversary of 9/11)”

World Vol.180 (Jackson Hole economic policy symposium)

BREAKING: The Federal Reserve will start dialing back its ultra-low-interest rate policies this year as long as hiring continues to improve, Chair Jerome Powell said, signaling the beginning of the end of the Fed's response to the pandemic recession. https://t.co/OGnhYrQd4f — The Associated Press (@AP) August 27, 2021 Shares steady as caution prevails ahead of … Continue reading “World Vol.180 (Jackson Hole economic policy symposium)”

World Vol.159 (U.S., etc.)

NEW DATA: #Energy activity continued to increase steadily, with revenues and profits increasing at a faster pace in the 2nd quarter. Read the report: https://t.co/TofmVbUXOa #OilAndGas #EnergyTwitter #EconTwitter pic.twitter.com/vfq4MWN6rf — Kansas City Fed (@KansasCityFed) July 9, 2021 Respondents to a recent survey of #construction firms report that projects are being canceled as owners hope to … Continue reading “World Vol.159 (U.S., etc.)”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.70 (UMKC) / Missouri Vol.16

One year after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, UMKC School of Medicine Dean Mary Anne Jackson, M.D., says we are getting closer to returning to normal. Read her thoughts on the tumultuous year past, and what's to come:https://t.co/G7irg57Soc pic.twitter.com/pSLa0BbktL — UMKC Med School (@UMKCmedschool) March 11, 2021 The UMKC Health Equity Institute and students at … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.70 (UMKC) / Missouri Vol.16”

World Vol.97 (U.S., finance, etc.)

What is monetary policy? It's what the Federal Reserve does to accomplish two goals mandated by the U.S. Congress–promoting maximum employment & promoting stable prices for the goods & services we purchase. Learn more: https://t.co/gMkAdyw9q7 — Federal Reserve (@federalreserve) February 2, 2021 ICYMI: What you need to know about our assessment of the Canadian #economy. … Continue reading “World Vol.97 (U.S., finance, etc.)”

World Vol.56 (U.S., etc.)

Ontario farmer Tony Neale sees an opportunity in the pandemic to rethink where our food comes from. @nickpurdoncbc pic.twitter.com/5In27uAPLR — CBC News: The National (@CBCTheNational) November 21, 2020 BREAKING: Canada and U.K. announce a transitional trade agreement, ending negotiations. Next, the deal must be approved by both governments. https://t.co/ual9laErMI — CBC News (@CBCNews) November 21, … Continue reading “World Vol.56 (U.S., etc.)”

World Vol.54 (Eastern Europe, U.S.) / Balkan Vol.4

European Commission signs first contract with AstraZeneca https://t.co/MCFi9caN0W pic.twitter.com/Vysu4TiVde — The Baltic Times (@thebaltictimes) August 27, 2020 Minister: Government will likely establish 2+2 rule next Tuesday#Estonia https://t.co/Vqh7U6Jk2R — ERR News (@errnews) November 6, 2020 Infectologist calls for public to get serious about adopting proper anti-COVID habits. https://t.co/EinzGI3nmv — Latvian public media (@LSM_eng) November 6, 2020 … Continue reading “World Vol.54 (Eastern Europe, U.S.) / Balkan Vol.4”

World Vol.49 (mainly on U.S.)

https://twitter.com/ReutersBiz/status/1312023294347022338 Trump announces that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for Covid-19. What happens next? Bloomberg’s Kathleen Hunter reports https://t.co/D1N7vHZJpC pic.twitter.com/AIAF6S6jYs — Bloomberg TV (@BloombergTV) October 2, 2020 Trump getting Covid was a gut punch to markets early Friday morning, but losses were calm and orderly.@DaniBurgz spoke to investors about the implications https://t.co/Ik8qSqNIW6 … Continue reading “World Vol.49 (mainly on U.S.)”

Science and Technology Vol.32

Ingredients:1 tbsp. soy sauce½ tsp. ginger1 tsp. red pepper flakes1 tbsp. scallions2 tsp. rice vinegar2½ oz. beef1 oz. red bell pepper1½ tbsp. butter½ tsp. garlic1 tbsp. almond butter pic.twitter.com/vITPxuGS7I — CrossFit (@CrossFit) July 3, 2020 https://twitter.com/BrendaClayson/status/1231393281579208704 7 Reasons Steak is Healthy (and Nutrients in Every Cut) https://t.co/bbWn7XOOb7 — Defending Beef (@DefendingBeef) July 4, 2020 Could health care … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.32”

US Policy Changes Vol.103 (Economy Vol.16 – including domestic policy, finance, healthcare, safety, trade)

Watch Chair Powell’s statement from the #FOMC press conference: Intro clip: https://t.co/QXvE5tUecT Full video: https://t.co/hvZ2atoBmo Press Conference materials: https://t.co/W2SBSI2CU3 — Federal Reserve (@federalreserve) September 18, 2019 Read Chair Powell's opening statement from the #FOMC press conference (PDF): https://t.co/C7fU7atGVN — Federal Reserve (@federalreserve) September 18, 2019 LIVE: Fed Chairman Powell speaks after the rate cut ▶️ … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.103 (Economy Vol.16 – including domestic policy, finance, healthcare, safety, trade)”

Maine Vol.2 (corporations)

All of our hospitals have been recognized by @BreatheEasyME for their ongoing efforts to address #tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure https://t.co/kS9W86snB5 — MaineHealth (@MaineHealth) October 5, 2018 Expanded opioid treatment program lauded by Reps. Pingree and Joe Kennedy https://t.co/UL9avfFlet — MaineHealth (@MaineHealth) August 9, 2018 MaineHealth, Unum and Venture Hall partner to build an … Continue reading “Maine Vol.2 (corporations)”

Oklahoma Vol.5

Maximize your productivity at home with these tips. https://t.co/ii01Hp74z2 — Express Pros (@ExpressPros) November 12, 2018 Upgrade a plain canvas tote with tie-dye! Find techniques here: https://t.co/PC7UIDsQSN pic.twitter.com/aPx3an3fga — Official Hobby Lobby (@HobbyLobby) November 11, 2018 https://twitter.com/QuikTrip/status/1019575021151416320 Love’s Opens Travel Stop Near Oklahoma City https://t.co/mZqtIEWpLz via @TransportTopics pic.twitter.com/Lsdz84UMwG — Love's Travel Stops (@LovesTravelStop) November 10, … Continue reading “Oklahoma Vol.5”

Colorado Vol.5

Watch this #AerialAmerica clip and you'll see why Colorado — which joined the Union #OTD in 1878 — inspired the lyrics to America the Beautiful. pic.twitter.com/5dCd0m0hmG — Smithsonian Channel (@SmithsonianChan) August 1, 2018 #OTD in 1876, Colorado was admitted as the 38th state. Only state added during Grant’s presidency. https://t.co/pMxA0oTUM7 pic.twitter.com/FH24DsMQDZ — Presidential Trivia (@triviapotus) … Continue reading “Colorado Vol.5”

Wyoming Vol.2

Wyoming's majestic beauty is captured from soaring heights in this clip from Aerial America. The state joined the Union #OTD in 1890! https://t.co/dbkRPNMjmF #Wyoming pic.twitter.com/dSAPqZolje — Smithsonian Channel (@SmithsonianChan) July 10, 2018 #Wyoming became a state 127 years ago today! Check out some Wyoming #geo facts to celebrate https://t.co/ux5w2sAxrH pic.twitter.com/3AkpfsDrk2 — AGI Geopolicy (@AGI_Policy) July … Continue reading “Wyoming Vol.2”

Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.27

Here are tweets of great stuff retweeted by @_WorldSolutions. Search #WTOstats on intl #trade and market access by commodity group, selected origin and destination: https://t.co/IuY0ZatBpz pic.twitter.com/Hso1nC7Gpd — WTO (@wto) November 5, 2017 #KCFed President #EstherGeorge speaks on “Monetary Policy in a Low Inflation Economy.” Read her speech: https://t.co/FnmQvV5I43. — KansasCityFed (@KansasCityFed) October 11, 2017 The … Continue reading “Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.27”

Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.14

Here are @_WorldSolutions’ RTs which include free papers, reports/articles (citing others), and a video. https://twitter.com/CambridgeCore/status/877184210901118976 Yale Presents a Free Online Course on Literary Theory, Covering Structuralism, Deconstruction & More https://t.co/DDRzHcC14N pic.twitter.com/LtBZs4SAy1 — Open Culture (@openculture) March 1, 2017 The June #Economicletter;What can #financialmarkets tell us about the decline in the natural rate of interest?https://t.co/IVDm49gB6B pic.twitter.com/5cwNVjlvcY … Continue reading “Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.14”

Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.5

Here are @_WorldSolutions’ RTs which include free papers, reports, podcasts, video, et al. As what was once considered fringe science becomes mainstream, is alternative energy even alternative anymore? https://t.co/DfRHBGVV0B — Morgan Stanley (@MorganStanley) April 6, 2017 Bulls vs. Bears: Why our CIO team thinks “a pause” is more likely than a #marketcorrection: https://t.co/BzhzTMsVIc pic.twitter.com/xhIQn2jOsK — Merrill … Continue reading “Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.5”

Missouri Vol.1

Missouri | @OFII How Missouri’s Economy Benefits from International Trade & Investment (PDF; @BizRoundtable) | @TradePartnersDC Missouri Manufacturing Facts | @ShopFloorNAM 2017 Missouri Economic Report (PDF) | MERIC MERIC @ShowMe Missouri’s Target Industries | MO DED Economy of Missouri State (06/29/2010) | @EconomyWatch ST. LOUIS DISTRICT PROFILE: Freight and the District’s Economic Future (PDF) | … Continue reading “Missouri Vol.1”

US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)

Here are articles on energy, free market, electricity franchise, the environment, et al. Excerpts are on our own. ‘America First’ Energy Plan Challenges Free Market Realities (2/7/2017) | @jeffbradynpr … “Drilling for oil and gas has picked up remarkably,” he says. In its Feb. 3 “rig count,” the oil field services company Baker Hughes reports … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)”

US Policy Changes Vol.12 (Trade Vol.1)

Here are articles on trade. Excerpts are on our own. WTO Trump is right to ditch TPP. Here’s why WTO should go next. (11/22/2016) | @AlanTonelson @CNBCopinion …the Buy America regulations governing federal civilian and military purchasing already require imports to contain certain levels of American-made parts and components. … An enormous and pervasive trade … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.12 (Trade Vol.1)”

US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.8 (Trump/Pence & Clinton/Kaine speeches after the election)

Here are articles on speeches after the 2016 election. Excerpts of the speeches are on our own. Here’s The Transcript Of Mike Pence’s Election Night Speech | @ayetalian @bustle … America has elected a new president and it’s almost hard for me to express the honor that I and my family feel that we will … Continue reading “US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.8 (Trump/Pence & Clinton/Kaine speeches after the election)”