New York Vol.41 / New Jersey Vol.14 (flash floods, remnants of Hurricane Ida) / Louisiana Vol.9 (aftermath)

Flash Floods Hit New York As Hurricane Ida Causes Chaos — Newsweek (@Newsweek) September 2, 2021 New York City and New Jersey declared state of emergency Wednesday night as remnants of Hurricane Ida lashed the northeast, bringing intense flash floods. — Twitter Moments (@TwitterMoments) September 2, 2021 Firefighters carried a man to safety … Continue reading “New York Vol.41 / New Jersey Vol.14 (flash floods, remnants of Hurricane Ida) / Louisiana Vol.9 (aftermath)”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.15 (Princeton) / New Jersey Vol.13

The #NetZero America project outlines five distinct technological pathways for America to decarbonize its entire economy by 2050 including how jobs and health will be affected in each state at a highly granular level, sometimes down to the county: — Princeton University (@Princeton) January 17, 2021 Project Pronto — with collaborations at #PrincetonU, … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.15 (Princeton) / New Jersey Vol.13”

New Jersey Vol.12 (corporations: Amicus Therapeutics)

Our Chairman and CEO John F. Crowley has co-authored an article for @STATNews: “Beating COVID-19 Will Change How New Therapies are Developed”, exploring how the pandemic will potentially transform the future of drug development. — Amicus Therapeutics (@amicusrx1) May 27, 2020 America’s biopharmaceutical industry has lost the trust of many of our patients. We’re … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.12 (corporations: Amicus Therapeutics)”

New Jersey Vol.11 (corporations: PTC Therapeutics)

PTC is looking forward to our #raredisease collaboration with @MassBiologics and @UMassMedical on our work to treat #AADC. — PTC Therapeutics (@PTCBio) September 22, 2020 PTC Chief Development Officer Matthew B. Klein, MD, MS, FACS explains how our “repurposed cancer drug” PTC299 can provide a “dual mechanism of action targeting the two critical elements … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.11 (corporations: PTC Therapeutics)”

New Jersey Vol.10 (corporations: Merck (Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) outside the U.S. & Canada))

From producing hard-to-find manufacturing parts ➡️ prototyping tissues and cells for testing, 3D technology can help make the impossible possible. Learn more about our labs worldwide that have become the hotbed for out-of-the-box solutions and game-changing innovation. — Merck (@Merck) August 14, 2020 Our oncology portfolio and pipeline continue to expand with two collaborations announced … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.10 (corporations: Merck (Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) outside the U.S. & Canada))”

New Jersey Vol.9 (corporations: Johnson & Johnson)

In a historic pledge, #JNJ, @pfizer, @AstraZeneca, @sanofi, @moderna_tx, @BioNTech_Group, @GSK, @Merck & @Novavax have outlined a united commitment to upholding the integrity of the scientific process as we develop a #COVID19 vaccine. #WeStandWithScience — Johnson & Johnson (@JNJNews) September 8, 2020 What will an approved safe and effective vaccine mean for the … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.9 (corporations: Johnson & Johnson)”

New Jersey Vol.8 (incl #coronavirus)

Happy Birthday @NJCybersecurity!!! Over the past five years, the NJCCIC has worked to make NJ more resilient to cyber attacks by promoting awareness of cyber threats and widespread adoption of best practices. Learn more: @GovMurphy @NJGov @Jared_Maples — NJ Homeland Security (@NJOHSP) May 20, 2020 A #MemorialDayWeekend message from NJOHSP Director @Jared_Maples. #MDW2020 … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.8 (incl #coronavirus)”

New Jersey Vol.7 (incl #coronavirus)

How safe are dams in your community? — Press of AC (@ThePressofAC) May 21, 2020 Track coronavirus cases and testing in your county and state — Press of AC (@ThePressofAC) May 14, 2020 Cities with the most six-figure jobs — Press of AC (@ThePressofAC) May 14, 2020 Q&A: Why is drinking water so important? … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.7 (incl #coronavirus)”

New Jersey Vol.6 (state, cities, etc.)

@NJGov @NJTreasury @NJ_DOC @NJLottery @njchamber @NJDA @NJDHS @NJBPU @NJDeptofHealth @NewJerseyDEP @njoit @NJCybersecurity @NJSPBA @NJOHSP @ReadyNJ @NJ_MVC @NJDOT_info @NJTRANSIT @PATHTrain @PANYNJ @EWRairport @Visit_NJ @NewJerseyFuture @NJPolicy @NJBIZ @jerseyarts @njspotlight @AboutNewJersey @bestofnj @njdotcom @dailyrecord @NJHerald @northjersey @MyCentralJersey @AsburyParkPress @starledger @NJMonthly @politiconj @NJDCA @NJ_League @CityofTrentonNJ @trentondowntown @Trentonian @CityofNewarkNJ @investnewark @NewarkRBP @NJPAC @PruCenter @the_newarktimes @JerseyCity @JerseyCityFYI @jc_eats @NJCUniversity @CityofHoboken @HiddenHoboken … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.6 (state, cities, etc.)”

New Jersey Vol.5 (corporations)

Our marketing excellence and portfolio of stand-out brands were a winning combination at @PRSAGeorgia and @IABCAtlanta's annual awards events celebrating the best marketing campaigns in 2018. Check out our full list of wins in the link here: — Newell Brands (@newell_brands) November 19, 2018 ✨ One of the leading global consumer goods companies, … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.5 (corporations)”

New Jersey Vol.4 (corporations)

Securitas Remote Guarding delivers results in the real world. Watch actual footage see its effectiveness. #technology #Security #innovation — Securitas Security USA Inc. (@jobsatsecuritas) July 31, 2017 It’s important to know how to pick out the right fire extinguisher for your home or office as well as how to use it if the need … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.4 (corporations)”

New Jersey Vol.3

The State of New Jersey Departments & Agencies @cityofnewarknj @JC_Gov PatersonNJCityHall @CityofElizabeth City of Trenton Faststats – New Jersey | NEW JERSEY REALTORS New Jersey | Forbes New Jersey Economy at a Glance | State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development Economy at a Glance | BLS New Jersey Economy OP-ED: RESURRECTING … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.3”

New Jersey Vol.2

Today in History: New Jersey ratifies Constitution, becomes 3rd state, 1787 #otd #tih — Library of Congress (@librarycongress) December 18, 2017 Published: 1991 through 2013 #wetland & open-ocean shoreline for undeveloped areas of #NewJersey #barrierislands — USGS Coastal Change (@USGSCoastChange) December 23, 2015 New tool: How has education funding changed over time? … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.2”

New Jersey Vol.1

NJ 34 @cornwall_RUN — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) June 5, 2016 NJ Tourism @Visit_NewJersey @OxfordEconomics demand:$42.1B(+3.8%,2014) despite casino closures — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) August 21, 2015 STEM NJ:4th-patents @NJIT:3rd-inventionsAICUNJ NJ_Appleseed employment;#humancapital; new biz — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) August 20, 2015 NJ Pride – Why…love their … Continue reading “New Jersey Vol.1”

Belgium Vol.4 (pharmaceutical corporations: Janssen Pharmaceutica)

cf. New Jersey Vol.9 (corporations: Johnson & Johnson) When you are living with depression, talking is the first step to getting help. Artist @billiebondscul1 talks about the value of conversation when you or your loved ones are living with depression in @POLITICOEurope: #BreakingDepression — Janssen EMEA (@JanssenEMEA) October 30, 2020 For people living … Continue reading “Belgium Vol.4 (pharmaceutical corporations: Janssen Pharmaceutica)”

US Policy Changes Vol.50 (Infrastructure Vol.5 – water)

Here are articles on water. Excerpts are on our own. Investing in water: Comparing utility finances and economic concerns across U.S. cities (12/14/2016) | Joseph Kane @BrookingsMetro cf. SUMMARY INTRODUCTION Understanding water investment challenges at the city level Comparing water investment across different cities – Only a handful of drinking water utilities in the … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.50 (Infrastructure Vol.5 – water)”

US Policy Changes Vol.39 (Miscellaneous Vol.4 – Sandy)

Here is a report: “THE IMPACT OF SUPERSTORM SANDY ON NEW JERSEY TOWNS AND HOUSEHOLDS” (PDF; October 2013) | Stephanie Hoopes Halpin (cf Rutgers-Newark Report: Superstorm Sandy Recovery Short $28.3 Billion; Pain Spread Across NJ). EXECUTIVE SUMMARY … the total cost of damages exceeds $37 billion ($7.8 billion for residents, $3.56 billion for businesses and … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.39 (Miscellaneous Vol.4 – Sandy)”

US Policy Changes Vol.32 (Miscellaneous Vol.2 – voter turnout)

Here is an academic article on voter turnout: Increasing Voter Turnout: Is Democracy Day the Answer? (PDF; February 2009) | Henry S. Farber, Center for Economic Policy Studies (CEPS) @PrincetonEcon. Excerpt is on our own. Introduction … Some have argued that an important cause of low turnoput in the United States is a cumbersome registration … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.32 (Miscellaneous Vol.2 – voter turnout)”

US Policy Changes Vol.30 (Miscellaneous Vol.1 – tri-state area demography)

Here is an academic article on tri-state area demography: The Receding Metropolitan Perimeter: A New Postsuburban Demographic Normal (w PDF; 2014) | James W. Hughes, Joseph J. Seneca @blousteinschool. Excerpt is on our own. … The new postwar suburbs of the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s were an escape from inner-city turmoil, crime, poverty, failing schools, … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.30 (Miscellaneous Vol.1 – tri-state area demography)”

US Policy Changes Vol.22 (Healthcare Vol.2)

Here are articles on healthcare. Excerpts are on our own. Republicans can repeal Obamacare. They can’t repeal the logic of health insurance. (11/23/2016) | Uwe Reinhardt @voxdotcom Chart: Health Spending by Decile of the U.S. population, 2013 … For the most part, however, they represent chronically ill people, often with multiple conditions that can be … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.22 (Healthcare Vol.2)”

US Policy Changes Vol.3 (Immigration Vol.1)

Here are articles on immigration. Excerpts are on our own. THE EFFECTS OF IMMIGRATION ON THE UNITED STATES’ ECONOMY (6/27/2016) | @Wharton Budget Model Key Points …most academic research finds little long run effect on Americans’ wages. …immigration leads to more innovation, a better educated workforce…and higher overall economic productivity. Immigration also has a net … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.3 (Immigration Vol.1)”

US Policy Changes Vol.1 (Healthcare Vol.1)

Here are three articles on healthcare. The election of Donald J. Trump and the re-election of a Republican-controlled House and Senate will usher in big #policychanges. Excerpts are on our own. Is Obamacare failing? (8/24/2016) | @sarahkliff @voxdotcom‏ … @Penn’s Zeke Emanuel pegged it at 2025. @MIT’s Jonathan Gruber estimated 2050. … Major health insurers … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.1 (Healthcare Vol.1)”

Massachusetts Vol.24 (corporations: Alexion Pharmaceuticals)

Alexion announces plan to initiate a Phase 3 study to evaluate the role of C5 inhibition in hospitalized patients with severe #COVID19 — Alexion (@AlexionPharma) April 20, 2020 Our Chief Compliance Officer, Indrani Franchini, understands that a successful compliance program is built on Integrity. Learn how one of our core values influences the … Continue reading “Massachusetts Vol.24 (corporations: Alexion Pharmaceuticals)”

UK Vol.168 (Crown Dependencies Vol.2)

Books to read before you visit the Channel Islands #Travel #armchairtravel #books #channelislands #Guernsey #Jersey — Karen Warren (@WorldWideWriter) June 12, 2020 Thank you to Poppy from @leslandesjersey for showing us all how to wash our hands properly. Washing your hand thoroughly for 20 seconds is one of the most effective ways to help … Continue reading “UK Vol.168 (Crown Dependencies Vol.2)”

UK Vol.167 (Crown Dependencies Vol.1)

CI declined to…when UK joined EU — WorldSolutions light (@WSlightly) June 15, 2016 @Govgg @GuernseyChamber @SustainableBI @IoDGsy @GibaGuernsey @ConfGsyIndustry @WEAREGUERNSEY @StartUpHubGsy @digigreenhouse @GuernseyCollege @GTA_Guernsey @VisitGuernsey @islandfm @GovJersey @LocateJersey @StatesAssembly @jerseyscrutiny @JerseyBusiness @jerseychamber @iodjersey @DigitalJersey @JerseyConsumer @Jersey_Met @Channel103 @JsyGazette @JEPnews @bailiwickxpress @GenuineJsy @JsyDairy @VisitJerseyCI Isle of Man — WorldSolutions … Continue reading “UK Vol.167 (Crown Dependencies Vol.1)”

Ireland Vol.61 (GE2020: miscellaneous)

Election 2020: Housing, Tax, Health, Climate, Law and order, Education – Where the parties stand on the issues (02/07/2020) | @irishexaminer Factbox: Who’s who in Ireland’s national election (02/07/2020) | @reuters Ireland votes for a new government on Saturday: Here are the main contenders (02/07/2020) | @CNBC 3 things to know about Ireland’s elections Saturday: … Continue reading “Ireland Vol.61 (GE2020: miscellaneous)”