U.S. universities and colleges Vol.14 (Ohio State) / Ohio Vol.10

If you need a reason to work on getting healthier…do it for your COVID-19 vaccine, a new @OhioState study suggests. https://t.co/3ZYRv79l5I — OSU Research News (@osuresearch) January 13, 2021 What exactly did the Crystal Bridges Museum get when it bought the artwork “Untitled” (L.A.), 1991 for $7.8 million? “From a legal perspective, absolutely nothing,” says … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.14 (Ohio State) / Ohio Vol.10”

U.S. universities and colleges Vol.13 (Case Western Reserve) / Ohio Vol.9

Michael Goldberg, @MGCleve, Executive Director of the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship and associate professor of design and innovation, weighs in on how the stimulus check will impact local #SmallBusinesses. #CWRU https://t.co/S4WZrCU0AQ — Weatherhead School (@caseweatherhead) January 4, 2021 Weatherhead Dean Manoj Malhotra and Accountancy Department Chair Tom King weigh in on the opportunities and silver … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.13 (Case Western Reserve) / Ohio Vol.9”

Ohio Vol.8 (corporations: Cintas Corporation)

Your floors are a reflection of your business. The Cintas mat service helps you get Ready™ to welcome customers with fresh mats delivered every week to keep your facility looking its best. https://t.co/WrVna0OkuP pic.twitter.com/PZKFXiqo3Y — Cintas Corporation (@CintasCorp) November 24, 2020 You have a lot to manage right now and the safety of your people … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.8 (corporations: Cintas Corporation)”

Ohio Vol.7 (corporations: Cardinal Health)

Myth: Patients at risk for blood clots should stay in bed. Fact: Mobilizing early can reduce potentially fatal events.https://t.co/rYsVAv6ozb#StopTheClot #VTE pic.twitter.com/XyTPawlBjA — Cardinal Health (@cardinalhealth) November 10, 2020 $CAH CEO comments on 1Q earnings. Details: https://t.co/9HNCENaiAJ pic.twitter.com/3SuFTM1TfZ — Cardinal Health (@cardinalhealth) November 5, 2020 Tomorrow is #TakeBackDay. We’ve partnered with @Kroger_Health to provide safe medication … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.7 (corporations: Cardinal Health)”

Ohio Vol.6

Best stay-cation idea we've seen so far https://t.co/xRR2vsohp6 — Toledo City Paper (@TCPaper) April 9, 2020 Like previous rounds of aid, the money from the state must be directly used for coronavirus-related expenses and cannot be used to back-fill local budgets. https://t.co/vkrGceu1d9 — The Blade (@toledonews) September 2, 2020 State lawmakers moved to prohibit a … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.6”

Ohio Vol.5 (state, corporations)

@ohgov @OhioCommerce @OhioChamber @JobsOhio @OhioDeptofAg @OhioFarmBureau @ohiodnr @Ohio_Tourism @OhioTravel @OhioHistory @OhioDivWildlife @OhioStateParks @ohioseagrant @OhioLakeErie @OhioEPA @ODOT_Statewide @OSHP @OhioFire @Ohio_OHS @OHNationalGuard @OhioVets @OHInsurance @OHdeptofhealth @OhioMedicaid @OhioDeptOfAging @cardinalhealth @kroger @ProcterGamble @MarathonPetroCo @Nationwide @Macys @Progressive @AEPnews @goodyear @firstenergycorp @L_Brands @SherwinWilliams @ParkerHannifin @smuckers @FifthThird @OwensCorning @TATravelCenters @BigLots The @MonroeOH economy led the Great Lakes Region in economic growth last … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.5 (state, corporations)”

Ohio Vol.4 (cities)

@ColumbusGov @ColumbusCouncil @CBUSRegion @columbusceomag @ColumbusChamber @Rev1Ventures @Metropreneur @COSI @ExpCols @ColumbusCommons @DispatchAlerts @ColumbusAlive @columbusbiz1st @columbusmonthly @OhioState @CuyahogaCounty @CityofCleveland @CleCityCouncil @GCPartnership @CrainsCleveland @GLScienceCtr @ClevelandArt @sustainableCLE @GordonSquare @DowntownCLE @ohiocitytweets @inthecircle @cleveleads @TheCLE @FreshWaterCLE @CoolCleveland @clevelanddotcom @ThePlainDealer @ClevelandScene @ClevelandMag @CleveFoundation @ClevelandFed @cwru @CityOfCincy @CityBeatCincy @CincyChamber @choosecincy @DowntownCincy @MyFountainSqr @TheBanksCincy @CincyMuseum @BusinessCourier @CincyRefined @ENQThingsToDo @CincinnatiMag @Enquirer @uofcincy @city_of_toledo @toledochamber @EPICToledo … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.4 (cities)”

Ohio Vol.3 (corporations)

No #ValentinesDay plans yet? That's ok, because we make anything pasta-ble. Pair your pasta with Bloom Haus flowers and a bottle of wine for the perfect night with your loved one ❤ https://t.co/YKBCbvvCUv pic.twitter.com/DsvokNS2OD — Kroger (@kroger) February 14, 2019 We’re looking for creative thinkers and innovators who share our vision of a world with … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.3 (corporations)”

Ohio Vol.2

Extreme temperatures are severe weather: https://t.co/S1g8IFnUL6 pic.twitter.com/j9K5Pdw0Mg — Ohio.gov (@ohgov) January 29, 2019 Since 1977, more than 450 people have been inducted into the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame. Do you know someone who belongs among their ranks? Nominations close Monday, 2/11. https://t.co/PEtOpvenD0 pic.twitter.com/u0IL0Njln9 — Ohio Dept. of Aging (@OhioDeptOfAging) February 6, 2019 In … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.2”

Ohio Vol.1

https://t.co/l3RGoVivD2 @OhioDevelopmenthttps://t.co/kMbXMhkqmT @JeremyNobilehttps://t.co/dtLHRUgmD7 @JamesPasseri pic.twitter.com/XDR7Tl7eSO — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) March 11, 2016 OH #AgriPOWER @OhioFarmBureau @OFBFPubPolicy https://t.co/jf2oUGumgW@OHAdvEnergyEcon http://t.co/oih9fi3yeY @uceaohttps://t.co/8cxreKtBOA — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) October 6, 2015 #OH @OhioAerospace http://t.co/3XGUAJSZbb@BioOhio http://t.co/IMU4dfAi5L @JenniferGrebow @nutritionalo @AlaskOmega pic.twitter.com/unM80p5wlE — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) October 5, 2015 #OH #GEAviation-bn$ fly @salondubourget @CLevingstonDDN http://t.co/CB5SwnPF4m LEAP #CFM JV-GE& #Snecma; RippleEffect … Continue reading “Ohio Vol.1”

Science and Technology Vol.66 (copper, silicon…/gallium…, etc.)

https://twitter.com/BoschPress/status/1399670818246856706 A single material, a layered crystal consisting of the elements rhenium and silicon, turns out to be the gold standard of transverse #thermoelectric devices, according to a new @OhioState study published in @EES_journal. https://t.co/Gb53O3JL26 — Ohio State News (@OhioStateNews) May 26, 2021 Silicon carbide Schottky diodes have a higher breakdown voltage and provide a … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.66 (copper, silicon…/gallium…, etc.)”

World Vol.75 (U.S. – professors)

What would self-pardon mean for President Trump? Law professor says it could get messy (w Video; 01/08/2021) | @abc7newsbayarea We honor Justice Ginsburg's legacy with a panel and community forum on October 9. Professors @ProfDodson, @JoanCWilliams, Radhika Rao, Joel Paul, and Jodi Short share reflections on her contributions to the law and what her loss … Continue reading “World Vol.75 (U.S. – professors)”

Minnesota Vol.10 (corporations: Ergodyne)

Coffee Break Safety: Dropped Object Prevention in 5 minutes (or less)https://t.co/74NiQCtl04 — Ergodyne (@Ergodyne) September 16, 2020 https://t.co/73mYhG9BcP pic.twitter.com/R3X2AiUFtK — Ergodyne (@Ergodyne) November 17, 2020 What ice traction device is best for keeping crews safe on your worksite? Find out in our free white paper: https://t.co/DS8EtZZw0w pic.twitter.com/WrsKBhTnqs — Ergodyne (@Ergodyne) November 11, 2020 Prevent costly … Continue reading “Minnesota Vol.10 (corporations: Ergodyne)”

Texas Vol.16 (corporations: McKesson Corporation)

This year, getting a #fluvaccine is more important than ever. Do your part, get vaccinated. #PharmacistFluFighters are here to help! @NACDS pic.twitter.com/48jyQB2Z5z — McKesson Corporation (@McKesson) September 24, 2020 We have mobilized resources during health crises throughout history. Now with the COVID-19 pandemic straining global healthcare, we’re responding. Learn more about how we’ve helped during … Continue reading “Texas Vol.16 (corporations: McKesson Corporation)”

Michigan Vol.9 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.25 (#SuperTuesday2)

LIVE: Joe Biden speaks after winning Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi. https://t.co/ilDaW9Qp29 — NBC News (@NBCNews) March 11, 2020 "Let's shut this puppy down and… worry about November. This thing is decided." James Carville reacts to Joe Biden's projected victories in Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi pic.twitter.com/BAAvy7HSLI — MSNBC (@MSNBC) March 11, 2020 WATCH: @NicolleDWallace reacts to … Continue reading “Michigan Vol.9 / 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries Vol.25 (#SuperTuesday2)”

Virginia Vol.6 / Large enterprises Vol.4 (General Dynamics)

The board of directors of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) today declared a regular quarterly dividend of $1.02 per share on the company's common stock, payable August 9, 2019, to shareholders of record on July 5, 2019. https://t.co/xh0XzrRkfp — General Dynamics Corporation (@generaldynamics) June 5, 2019 GDIT will help the Dept of Health and Human Services … Continue reading “Virginia Vol.6 / Large enterprises Vol.4 (General Dynamics)”

Texas Vol.9 (corporations)

https://twitter.com/AmericanAir/status/1078410244794052608 May you see the joy of the season everywhere you #travel. ❤️✈️ Thanks @globalmunchkins, @zimism, @Karl_Shakur & @andyyto for sharing your joy with us! #Holiday #Perspective pic.twitter.com/FubYrpW7F1 — American Airlines (@AmericanAir) December 17, 2018 https://twitter.com/AmericanAir/status/1070430098480869384 Largest hub for the dub! Check out what we’ve been up to in DFW since our merger:https://t.co/Kzk3SQDExc — American … Continue reading “Texas Vol.9 (corporations)”

US Policy Changes Vol.99 (Trade Vol.8: NAFTA)

#NAFTA has cost us over 800K manufacturing jobs since '94, and not because it was a #freetrade agreement. We lost them because many of its provisions ultimately weren't.@POTUS is right to restructure it, I told China's global television news last night:https://t.co/OAXNVfGfl8 — Michael Johns (@michaeljohns) September 1, 2018 Today, I spoke with Canada’s premiers to … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.99 (Trade Vol.8: NAFTA)”

US Policy Changes Vol.37 (Trade Vol.5 – metro areas, currency exchanges, globalization)

Here are @BrookingsInst’s articles on trade, metro areas, currency and globalization. Excerpts are on our own. Americans most affected by trade voted for Trump (12/14/2016) | @joeparilla and @MarkMuro1 @BrookingsMetro … Economic theory acknowledges that global trade offers benefits that should be celebrated and exacts costs that cannot be ignored. As the Council on Foreign … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.37 (Trade Vol.5 – metro areas, currency exchanges, globalization)”

US Policy Changes Vol.20 (Foreign Policy Vol.2 – international politics)

Here are articles on US foreign policy and international politics (world politics). Excerpts are on our own. How Trump Can Save the Liberal Order (12/1/2016) | @RHFontaine ‏@ForeignAffairs @CNASdc … Its creation was a response to the destructive wars, economic depressions, and rise of dictatorships that marred the first half of the twentieth century. Since … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.20 (Foreign Policy Vol.2 – international politics)”

US Policy Changes Vol.16 (Tax Vol.2)

Here are excerpts on tax from Scoring the Trump Economic Plan: Trade, Regulatory, and Energy Policy Impacts (PDF; 9/29/2016) | Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross. VI. The Role of Offshoring In The GDP Growth Process …(1) the role of domestic manufacturing in the process of economic growth and income creation, (2) how corporate strategy guides … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.16 (Tax Vol.2)”

US Policy Changes Vol.12 (Trade Vol.1)

Here are articles on trade. Excerpts are on our own. WTO Trump is right to ditch TPP. Here’s why WTO should go next. (11/22/2016) | @AlanTonelson @CNBCopinion …the Buy America regulations governing federal civilian and military purchasing already require imports to contain certain levels of American-made parts and components. … An enormous and pervasive trade … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.12 (Trade Vol.1)”

US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.7 (polls up to early morning 11/7)

One day left. Here are articles mainly on polls up to early morning 11/7 EST. How Much Did Comey Hurt Clinton’s Chances?: And is it too late for his second letter to help her? (11/6) | @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight Election Update: Don’t Ignore The Polls — Clinton Leads, But It’s A Close Race (11/6) | @NateSilver538 … Continue reading “US Presidential Election 2016 Vol.7 (polls up to early morning 11/7)”