Oregon Vol.8

#Oregon lawmakers discussed unemployment benefits and police reform bills during a special session that was largely supposed to focused on the state's $1 billion budget hole.https://t.co/1KUuKmuclQ — Mail Tribune (@mailtribune) August 11, 2020 Anyone can tune in to the livestream free of charge, whereas in past years participants had to purchase tickets for the events.#wine … Continue reading “Oregon Vol.8”

Oregon Vol.7 (cities, companies, etc.)

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Oregon Vol.6 (cities, etc.)

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Oregon Vol.5 (state, etc.)

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Oregon Vol.4 (corporations)

Detroit Connect Analytics has extended its services to additional truck models and can also be added to aftermarket vehicles, including the @freightliner new Cascadia, original Cascadia, and @WstrnStarTrucks 5700 models spec’d with @DemandDetroit engines: https://t.co/N7c5aYqjEX pic.twitter.com/FbEeXo0oVj — Daimler Trucks NA (@DaimlerTrucksNA) January 18, 2019 Hear from DTNA’s Director of Connectivity Jason Krajewski as he discusses … Continue reading “Oregon Vol.4 (corporations)”

Oregon Vol.3 (University of Oregon, Willamette University)

Great story from UO research professor and senior associate VP for research and innovation @cassmos with a call to action on tailored solutions for reducing wildfire risk https://t.co/UpaOf1qaGF — UO Research (@UO_Research) November 20, 2018 Did you feel that? The Cascadia Earthquake will arrive sooner or later. Learn how @uoreogn professor Doug Toomey and @PNSN1 … Continue reading “Oregon Vol.3 (University of Oregon, Willamette University)”

Oregon Vol.2 (Oregon State University)

So serendipitous! Our fashion collection held onto original Meier & Frank designs, and they're back home, on display at The Nines… https://t.co/NV0NmYHtE7 — OSU College of Business (@OSU_COB) November 16, 2018 What's the cost of kissing up to your boss? It could increase your bad behavior in the #workplace. 2 of our faculty hit the … Continue reading “Oregon Vol.2 (Oregon State University)”

Oregon Vol.1

.@OR_EconAnalysis https://t.co/dxRpaApvN9@OregonCoastNOW https://t.co/FKruqjYuaehttps://t.co/C1YMh34VbD CACB,SFG pic.twitter.com/7mKrDtiLyE — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) May 17, 2016 OR @OregonArchives https://t.co/ILI1n0WoN7https://t.co/SJY6Wh88NM software(p9-);renting(p13-);scenarios (p19-);p24- pic.twitter.com/Fz07LN9C95 — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) December 28, 2015 OR https://t.co/CqrUZ0jh3D@OMEPOregon @oregonlive https://t.co/Jop4dGys9O@OregonWild https://t.co/9iv7y5vvm0@ODFW https://t.co/uLlvVifq6p — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) December 29, 2015 "#OR's #communityhospitals are #economicengines http://t.co/CCdqdg5Jfx" #ECONorthwest #fluoregon #OAHHS #ahahospitals pic.twitter.com/3Er7zEYRQx — World Solutions USA … Continue reading “Oregon Vol.1”

Science and Technology Vol.79

https://twitter.com/IntEngineering/status/1369098108341084166 All about Mercury, the Liquid Metal Credit: NileRed (Original video here: https://t.co/6i7WB0dRHi) pic.twitter.com/uDiHkuQcL5 — Ajit Johnson (@ajitjohnson_n) October 29, 2017 A chunk of mercury can eat up an entire sheet of gold by taking in its atoms to form an alloy in a process called amalgamation pic.twitter.com/olJh6SMsMC — Space Explorer Mike (@MichaelGalanin) June 20, … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.79”

World Vol.186 (U.S. – 20th anniversary of 9/11)

9/11's legacy: By the numbers.U.S. society has profoundly changed since 9/11. Here’s the Monitor’s take on those shifts. pic.twitter.com/2i1GriBiyP — The Christian Science Monitor (@csmonitor) September 11, 2021 Gander remains in the spotlight beyond 9/11: From Broadway musical to a popular tourism stop in the North Atlantic. https://t.co/Wsriiacc3t — The Christian Science Monitor (@csmonitor) September … Continue reading “World Vol.186 (U.S. – 20th anniversary of 9/11)”

World Vol.48 (mainly on U.S.)

The @WAFarmBureau the @IDFarmBureau and the @OreFarmBureau all support the Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020.https://t.co/8Bj7Bj4idt pic.twitter.com/hNV4GAg4WF — PNWAgNetwork (@PNWAgNetwork) September 17, 2020 OSU is now offering analysis of smoke impacted grapes and wine for free smoke phenol compounds. Find out how you can take part with Oregon Wine Research Institute. #oregonwine #foodsciencehttps://t.co/txneYK4BhO … Continue reading “World Vol.48 (mainly on U.S.)”

Science and Technology Vol.29 (incl #coronavirus)

These 6 startups were selected to join Microsoft and @AstraZeneca's AI Factory for Health. https://t.co/O7LkXHAf3y @AdScientiam@BioSerenityGLEAMER@Kap_Code@lifen_fr@PrimaaLab pic.twitter.com/kh1wbaqkBW — Microsoft for Startups (@msft4startups) February 25, 2020 The decades-long investments biopharmaceutical companies have made in new technologies, research, treatments & vaccines have prepared the industry to act swiftly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. https://t.co/XTCk83fEIw — PhRMA … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.29 (incl #coronavirus)”

Science and Technology Vol.27

LittleDog was developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA. It is used for research on legged locomotion and learning by groups at MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, USC, U Penn and IHMC.⁠⁠Project by: Boston Dynamics⁠#robotics #technology #engineering #innovation pic.twitter.com/gWCfpvEZmE — Wevolver (@WevolverApp) May 21, 2020 https://twitter.com/segundoatdell/status/1263847769648881665 By studying the movement of snakes, Johns Hopkins researchers … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.27”

World Vol.24 (incl #coronavirus)

https://twitter.com/TheSun/status/1255693355264155650 World's largest vaccine maker GSK says there will be no mass coronavirus jab until late next year https://t.co/Is3yFu8Yr9 — Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) April 30, 2020 There are concerns infected residents may still be discharged from hospitals to care homes https://t.co/45QJrqE3FP — Evening Standard (@standardnews) April 29, 2020 'So what'? Bolsonaro's response to coronavirus … Continue reading “World Vol.24 (incl #coronavirus)”

Science and Technology Vol.23

We could see getting into this pic.twitter.com/1SFmBwcrZa — Mashable (@mashable) April 4, 2020 First Minister @NicolaSturgeon has unveiled 'Forging Our Digital Future With 5G' at @UofGlasgow – a new plan to make sure all of Scotland benefits from 5G mobile technology.#5GatUofG pic.twitter.com/FLPkNJeM7X — Scottish Government (@scotgov) August 26, 2019 UofG develops facial mapping technology to … Continue reading “Science and Technology Vol.23”

Ireland Vol.39 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.3: United States)

Other cities Hundreds turn out for Portland’s St. Patrick’s Day parade https://t.co/U3R4CbhOzC — Kennebec Journal (@KJ_Online) March 18, 2019 https://twitter.com/JeffWGME/status/1107546611889160192 This is becoming a St. Patrick’s Day tradition by our very own Bill Buffa! Thank you for an incredible experience! #Irish pic.twitter.com/PYJvMv4rE6 — F. W. Holbein School (@HolbeinSchool) March 15, 2019 https://twitter.com/SRUofPA/status/1107436656041312256 The SRU Chamber … Continue reading “Ireland Vol.39 (St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Vol.3: United States)”

Nevada Vol.3

You might be prepping for a long weekend…But have you ever stopped to think about why we celebrate Nevada Day? Listen to this week’s episode of Time & Place with @aliciambarber to hear more about the history of Nevada Day. #NevadaDay https://t.co/1P6OsSiLgb pic.twitter.com/GRTd7lOGrE — KUNR Public Radio (@KUNRPublicRadio) October 25, 2018 Ballot Question 6 faces … Continue reading “Nevada Vol.3”

US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)

Here are articles on energy, free market, electricity franchise, the environment, et al. Excerpts are on our own. ‘America First’ Energy Plan Challenges Free Market Realities (2/7/2017) | @jeffbradynpr … “Drilling for oil and gas has picked up remarkably,” he says. In its Feb. 3 “rig count,” the oil field services company Baker Hughes reports … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)”