World Vol.18 (incl #coronavirus)

Alaska Vol.6

Alaska Vol.5

Science and Technology Vol.21 (#coronavirus)

World Vol.16 (incl #coronavirus)

Science and Technology Vol.14 (#CoronaVirus)

Science and Technology Vol.13 (#CoronaVirus)

Science and Technology Vol.12 (#CoronaVirus)

Canada Vol.27 (newspapers, TV, etc. – public policy & federal election 2019)

Electoral District, Provincial and City Maps … | @ElectionsCan_E
Canada election 2019: full results (23/10/2019) | Seán Clarke and Cath Levett @guardian
Canada Vote 2019 (w interactive map) | @CBC

Canada Vol.26 (universities & think tanks – public policy & election 2019)

Canada Vol.25 (economy)

The Economy of Canada | The Canada Guide
Canada: Economy | @globalEDGEmsu
Canada : Economy | @commonwealthsec
Departmental Plan 2019–20 | @FinanceCanada
Federal Support to Provinces and Territories | @FinanceCanada
Statistics | @bankofcanada
The Economy and Economic Policy | @bankofcanada
Canadian Bank Outlook 2019 (PDF) | S&P Global
2019 Index of Economic Freedom – Canada | @heritage
ECONOMIC ANALYSIS | @nationalbank
Provincial Economic Indicators | @GAC_Corporate
Regional Economics in Canada | @CdnEncyclopedia
Gross domestic product by industry: Provinces and territories, 2018 | The Daily
Provincial Economic Forecast – External Backdrop Drives More Cautious 2020 View | @TD_Economics
Provincial Economic Forecasts | @RBC
Canadian Provinces and Territories | ThoughtCo.
RegData Canada: A Snapshot of Regulatory Restrictions in Canada’s Provinces | @mercatus
Labour force characteristics by province, territory and economic region, annual | @StatCan_eng
Choose Wisely: Immigration to Canada’s Provinces and their Main Industries | @FWCANADA
The Richest Provinces And Territories Of Canada | worldatlas
Canada’s State of Trade 2019 | @Canada
Trade Data Online-Generate Reports by product or industry | @Canada
Trade and investment agreements | @Canada
Canada’s exports over time: Resources and manufactured goods | @StatCan_eng
TRADE HEADLINES | @canadabeef
Foreign Trade | @cdnpork
Minerals and the economy | @NRCan
Industry Across Canada | Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
Agriculture and Agri-Food Economic Account, 2015 | The Daily
http://Unlocking the Potential of Canada’s Visitor Economy (PDF) | @DestinationCAN

Canada Vol.24 (Yukon)


Canada Vol.23 (miscellaneous)

US Policy Changes Vol.101 (Trade Vol.9: USMCA) / Canada Vol.22

Canada Vol.21 (University of Waterloo, McGill University, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, etc.)

European Union Vol.8 (Commission, Council, Parliament)

Canada Vol.20 (University of Toronto)

Virginia Vol.6 / Large enterprises Vol.4 (General Dynamics)

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Dairy Vol.2 (Cheese Vol.2: Gouda) / Netherlands Vol.5

Cheese9 annual-per-capita-consumptionCheese10 US states productionNetherlands1 Gouda tradeNetherlands2 cheese production