UK Vol.149 (think tanks)

Colorado Vol.7 (University of Colorado, Boulder)

New York Vol.18 (CUNY: The Graduate Center)

Canada Vol.39 (University of Toronto)

New Hampshire Vol.5 (University of New Hampshire)

Seafood Vol.4 (Rainbow trout, Perch, Tilapia, Pacific halibut, Snapper)

Fruits Vol.2 (Apricot, Pomegranate)

Fruits1 Apricot etc export import countriesFruits2 Apricot produce countriesFruits3 Apricot dried produce countriesFruits4 Pomegranate produce countriesFruits5 Pomegranate export countriesFruits6 Pomegranate pricesFruits7 Pomegranate seasonsFruits8 Pomegranate India biggest export destinations

Fruits Vol.1 (Olive)

Olive1 export countriesOlive1' export countriesOlive2 pricesOlive3 consumptionOlive4 import countriesOlive5 Australia exportsOlive6 Greece exportsOlive7 US imports

Seafood Vol.2 (Cod, Herring, Skipjack tuna, Swordfish)

Seafood11 world commoditiesSeafood10 UK Cod HerringSeafood9 EU UKSeafood13 Greenland exportSeafood14 skipjack-tunaSeafood12 swordfish infographic

Germany Vol.14 (Engineering – ThyssenKrupp)

Germany Vol.7 (Finance)

Texas Vol.10 (corporations)

Texas9 cities-county-towns

France Vol.9 (Digital/Telecommunications/Media)

France27 ADSL1France28 ADSL2France10 city-techFrance29 couverture_RNTFrance30 olgakissFrance19

UK Vol.100 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.25)