Germany Vol.16 (Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Personal Care, Medical – Bayer, Merck, Nivea, Schwarzkopf, Fresenius)

Germany Vol.13 (Chemical – BASF)

Kansas Vol.3 (corporations)

Kansas6 citiesKansas5 rivers

Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.48 ( January 2018 – January 2019 Vol.1)

Germany Vol.9 (Finance)

U.S. National Liberal Arts Colleges Vol.2

California Vol.17 (UCSD)

California18 UCSDCalifornia17 UC econ_impactCalifornia15 UCSDneesCalifornia16 UCSD-UW

California Vol.16 (University of California, Berkeley / San Diego)

France Vol.13 (Government, diplomacy, Ireland, technology, et al.)

France Vol.8 (Energy/Utilities, Airplane/Train)

France22 electricity_gridFrance20 nuclear-power-plantsFrance24 remanufacturing-engie-home-service-retour-exprience-actenaFrance25 riversFrance23 inland-waterFrance21 water-smart-meterFrance26 Les-grandes-infrastructures-gazières

France Vol.7 (Pharma/Health/Biotech/Food)

France16 pharmaFrance14 pharma regionsFrance15 foodFrance17 food regions strengthFrance18 cows regions

France Vol.6 (Food)

France12 farmingFrance13 land-use

New Jersey Vol.5 (corporations)

NewJersey3 city-downtown-redevelopmentNewJersey2 counties

Mississippi Vol.4 (corporations, state, University of Mississippi, et al.)

Mississippi5 physical

California Vol.14 (University of California, Davis)

Delaware Vol.5 (state, cities, corporations)

Delaware4 cities
Delaware1 Area
Delaware6 NCC
Delaware7 SeaRise

California Vol.13 (University of California, Riverside / San Francisco)

California Vol.12 (University of California, Merced / Santa Cruz)

Illinois Vol.5 (state, corporations, et al.)

Illinois2 counties
Illinois2' county highways-digital
Illinois2'' area