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Washington, DC | United States Senate



Science and Technology Vol.19 (Artificial Intelligence to help curb #CoronaVirus)

The below excerpts are on our own.

How to Fight the Coronavirus with AI and Data Science: WHO, BlueDot Global, and Harvard Medical School leading the way to disease prevention (02/16/2020) | @TDataScience,@Medium
Natural language processing (NLP) is one tool used by BlueDot to track diseases…
Based in Maryland, USA, Insilico Medicine is currently developing technology that will inform doctors about molecules capable of fighting against the coronavirus. …

Coronavirus Researchers Are Using High-Tech Methods to Predict Where the Virus Might Go Next (02/11/2020) | @TIME
… After SARS killed 774 people around the world in the mid-2000s, his team built a tool called Healthmap, which scrapes information about new outbreaks from online news reports, chatrooms and more. Healthmap then organizes that previously disparate data, generating visualizations that show how and where communicable diseases like the coronavirus are spreading. Healthmap’s output supplements more traditional data-gathering techniques used by organizations like…
Some researchers, meanwhile, aim to identify potentially novel viruses before they even make the jump from animals to humans. The Global Virome Project (GVP), a proposed research endeavor that would build on a previous proof-of-concept project, intends to develop a genetic and ecological database of the vast majority of viruses in animal populations that have the potential to infect humans. Some scientists argue that mapping the human virome (the broad group of viruses that infect humans or live inside our bodies) is a “key priority” in health research. Now researchers say that the decade-long GVP collection effort will enable the development of new vaccines, drugs and other preventative measures before the next outbreak occurs. …
…Nita Bharti, an assistant professor of biology at Penn State University’s Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics. She argues that such methods have their limits, particularly when it comes to accounting for poorer areas of the world that may be generating less online data. …
…Jonna Mazet, a professor of disease ecology at the University of California Davis and a GVP board member. …
…Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. …

Drug makers are using AI to help find an answer to the coronavirus: As the search for a vaccine continues, the medical community is moving fast to find drugs that can treat the coronavirus. (02/10/2020) | @FastCompany
… Benevolent AI published a letter in The Lancet, explaining how it found a drug that could be repurposed to fight the coronavirus using artificial intelligence. The most promising choice is a drug called janus kinase inhibitor baricitinib, which is currently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. The drug is believed to prevent the spread of infection as well as inflammation. …
Insilico Medicine, meanwhile, took a different approach by using artificial intelligence to identify six new molecules that might inhibit the spread of the coronavirus inside the body. …published its findings in Biorxiv, an open access database for papers that have not been vetted. “We are in an unknown territory—that’s one of the reasons we’re publishing,” …

How AI Is Tracking the Coronavirus Outbreak: Machine-learning programs are analyzing websites, news reports, and social media posts for signs of symptoms, such as fever or breathing problems. (02/08/2020) | @WIRED
John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Harvard Medical School…Buoy…
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have created a visualization…
Alessandro Vespignani, a professor at Northeastern University who specializes in modeling contagion in large populations…
Andy Tatem, a professor at the UK’s University of Southampton…

Scientists are identifying potential treatments for coronavirus via artificial intelligence: Researchers used AI to mine through existing medical information to find drugs that they say might be helpful for tackling the novel coronavirus. (02/07/2020) | @Recode
…a Maryland-based biotech company, Insilico, said it used AI to come up with new molecules that could serve as potential medications, and it will now synthesize and test 100 of the compounds…
The system churned out a number of options, which were then whittled down to identify an already-approved drug called Baricitinib, which is typically used to treat moderate and severe rheumatoid arthritis. Now the researchers suggest it could be trialed as a potential treatment. Ivan Griffin, Benevolent’s co-founder, told Recode that while the company hasn’t applied for the right to test the drug in China, it has reached out to manufacturers that already produce the drug. It’s unclear how long it might take before a properly tested drug reaches patients. …
… Benevolent is already working with Novartis and AstraZeneca. Identifying a potential new treatment can be a long and expensive process that AI, they hope, can expedite. …

Startup uses A.I. to identify molecules that could fight coronavirus (02/06/2020) | @Fortune
It took Insilico’s A.I.-based system four days to identify thousands of new molecules that could be turned into potential medicines against the virus. Insilico says it will synthesize and test 100 of the most promising candidates, while publishing the full library of new molecular structures it has generated for other researchers to possibly use. …
… U.S.-based biotechnology firm Gilead struck a deal earlier this week with…
…(Zhavoronkov says that no molecule its system creates shares more than 70% of its structure with a molecule already discovered)…
Four days later, Insilico’s software had generated hundreds of thousands of new molecule designs, and filtered them down into thousands that met its criteria for possible drug candidates. …
… A team from Michigan State University last week also published a paper on using machine learning techniques to create new drug candidates for 2019-nCoV. …

How AI Helped Predict the Coronavirus Outbreak Before It Happened (w Voice; 02/05/2020) | @singularityhub
UK and US-based researchers have published a preliminary paper estimating that the confirmed infected people in Wuhan only represent five percent of those who are actually infected. If the models are correct, 190,000 people in Wuhan will be infected by now, major Chinese cities are on the cusp of large-scale outbreaks, and the virus will continue to spread to other countries. …
Other companies, such as Metabiota, are also using data-driven approaches to track the spread of the likes of the coronavirus. …
…Google Flu Trends was heralded as a great leap forward in relation to identifying and estimating the spread of the flu—until it underestimated the 2013 flu season by a whopping 140 percent and was quietly put to rest. …

Two groups use artificial intelligence to find compounds that could fight the novel coronavirus: One group identifies an existing drug, the other finds 6 novel molecules, but the consequences of reporting possibly helpful molecules are unclear (02/04/2020) | @cenmag
…researchers from the AI drug discovery company BenevolentAI and Imperial College London reported they have used AI software to find an already-approved drug that might limit the virus’s ability to infect people…
AI-based efforts like this could help to conserve drug researchers’ time and resources, says Mike Tarselli, scientific director of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. “The use of AI to augment human capacity, to address a pressing public health concern using existing data without re-deploying a full team, should be a boon to researchers.” The BenevolentAI report is “more a testimony to good literature searching and curation” than “a triumph of artificial intelligence,” according to veteran drug-discovery researcher and blogger Derek Lowe. …
Timothy Cernak, a medicinal chemist at the University of Michigan, agrees with Lowe that most medicinal chemists could have probably identified this molecule as a potential drug using traditional database searches. He points out that as a class, kinase inhibitor drugs are known for targeting many different enzymes, meaning it wouldn’t be that hard to find one that acted against AAK1. …
… The Insilico group argues that current knowledge of the virus protease suggests that those existing drugs would require unreasonably high dosages to be effective. Instead, they set out to find possible novel drugs. …Todd Wills, Managing Director at CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, which publishes C&EN.
Insilico’s molecules appear to be made in part from reshuffled known drug motifs, says Ingo Hartung, director of medicinal chemistry at Merck KGaA, but that’s neither bad nor unexpected. Medicinal chemists often use such an approach. …

Coronavirus: Can AI (Artificial Intelligence) Make A Difference? (02/02/2020) | @Forbes
Just look at BlueDot, which is a venture-backed startup. The company has built a sophisticated AI platform that processes billions of pieces data, such as from the world’s air travel network, to identity outbreaks. …
BlueDot is the mastermind of Kamran Khan, who is an infectious disease physician and professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto. Keep in mind that he was a frontline healthcare worker during the SARS outbreak. …
Colleen Greene, the GM of Healthcare at DataRobot…
Vahid Behzadan, the Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Haven…
Dr. Vincent Grasso, who is the IPsoft Global Practice Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences…
Steve Bennett, the Director of Global Government Practice at SAS…
Don Woodlock, the VP of HealthShare at InterSystems…
Prasad Kothari, who is the VP Data Science and AI for The Smart Cube: “In recent times, immunotherapy and Gene therapy empowered through AI algorithms such as boltzmann machines (entropy based combinatorial neural networks) have stronger evidence of treating such diseases which stimulate body’s immunity systems. For this reason, Abbvie’s Aluvia HIV drug is one possible treatment. …

Why Bill Gates thinks gene editing and artificial intelligence could save the world (02/14/2020) | @geekwire
When it comes to fighting malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases, for example, CRISPR-Cas9 and other gene-editing tools are being used to change the insects’ genome to ensure that they can’t pass along the parasites that cause those diseases. …
…the computational power available for AI applications has been doubling every three and a half months on average, dramatically improving on the two-year doubling rate for chip density that’s described by Moore’s Law. …
One project is using AI to look for links between maternal nutrition and infant birth weight. Other projects focus on measuring the balance of different types of microbes in the human gut, using high-throughput gene sequencing. …
… At least one organ-on-a-chip venture based in the Seattle area, Nortis, has gone commercial thanks in part to Gates’ support. …

Drones. Disinfecting robots. Supercomputers. The coronavirus outbreak is a test for China’s tech industry (02/23/2020) | @CNN
Coronavirus outbreak the focus of artificial intelligence that is helping predict where it will strike next (02/23/2020) | @abcnews
AI Predicts Coronavirus Vulnerable to HIV’s Atazanavir (02/05/2020) | @GENbio
Coronavirus Fears Will Leave Empty Seats at a Top AI Conference: The event, organized by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, will be missing hundreds of leading Chinese researchers who are hampered by travel restrictions. (02/06/2020) | @WIRED
How artificial intelligence provided early warnings of the Wuhan virus (01/26/2020) | @qz
Artificial Intelligence Could Fight a Future Coronavirus (02/21/2020) | @business
How AI could combat the spread of China’s deadly coronavirus (31/01/2020) | @Telegraph
China has launched an app so people can check their risk of catching the Coronavirus (02/11/2020) | @techreview
Coronavirus: Can artificial intelligence be smart enough to detect fake news? (02/12/2020) | @marketplace

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