World Vol.56 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.54 (Eastern Europe, U.S.)

US Presidential Election 2020 Vol.9

US Presidential Election 2020 Vol.8


North Carolina Vol.14 (The Charlotte Observer, The News & Observer)

US Presidential Election 2020 Vol.7

Arizona Vol.7 (The Arizona Republic, The Arizona Daily Star)

Pennsylvania Vol.14 (The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Georgia Vol.7 (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gwinnett Daily Post, Savannah Morning News, Augusta Chronicle)

Nevada Vol.8 (Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Sun)

World Vol.52 (U.S.)

World Vol.51 (mainly on U.S.)

New Zealand Vol.23 (2020 Election)

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New Zealand Vol.22 (2020 Election)

World Vol.50 (U.S., New Zealand, U.K., Australia, etc.)

Massachusetts Vol.23 (corporations: Vertex Pharmaceuticals) / Switzerland Vol.8 (pharmaceutical corporations: CRISPR Therapeutics)

World Vol.49 (mainly on U.S.)

World Vol.48 (mainly on U.S.)

World Vol.47 (mainly on U.S. incl 2019)

World Vol.46

Arkansas Vol.8

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