South Carolina Vol.4 (corporations)

South Carolina Vol.3 (corporations)

Wisconsin Vol.8 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.6 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.4 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.3 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Minnesota Vol.6 (corporations)

Louisiana Vol.4 (corporations)

UK Vol.130 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.48)

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Maine Vol.3

Maine citiesmaine2 physical

Florida Vol.3 (corporations)

Maine Vol.2 (corporations)

Vermont Vol.2 (corporations)

Nebraska Vol.2 (corporations)

Germany Vol.15 (Gas, Engineering – Linde, etc.)

Ohio Vol.3 (corporations)

Germany Vol.14 (Engineering – ThyssenKrupp)