World Vol.99 (G7 online summit meeting)

Italy Vol.9 (Mario Draghi)

Italy Vol.8 (Mario Draghi)

World Vol.97 (U.S., finance, etc.)

World Vol.91 (World Economic Forum – videos)

World Vol.81 (U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day – New Zealand, Europe, etc.)

World Vol.71 (U.S. – Chaos in Washington D.C.) / Washington D.C. Vol.5

World Vol.65 (Coronavirus, etc.)

Canada Vol.32 (public policy)

France Vol.23 (Brexit, European Union, Emmanuel Macron, Coronavirus, etc.)

World Vol.64 (U.K., U.S., etc.)

Germany Vol.27 (Angela Merkel, lockdown, etc.)

UK Vol.175 (Coronavirus, Brexit, 2019, etc.)

Preparations for a Brexit IV: views from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, and Malta (05/27/2016) | @LSE

Austria Vol.6 (relations with Hungary, Slovenia, etc.)

Austria and the Hungarian Revolution 1956 | @AustriainUSA
Austria says it still prefers dialogue with Hungary (04/09/2020) | @euractiv
Hungary Seeks To Open New Chapter In Relations With Austria As Countries’ Leaders Meet In Budapest (07/26/2016) | @HungaryToday
Will Hungary’s Longstanding Economic Dream Come True? (11/13/2018) | @HungaryToday
Relationship with a New Republic: World War I and the Inter-War Years | @AustriainUSA
Austrian-Hungarian Relations since 1989, the Current Situation and Future Perspectives (PDF) | @kulugyi
Austria – Slovenia | Kelman Institute
Slovenian, Austrian presidents seek upgrade of relations (13/06/2019) | @sloveniatimes
Relations with Austria Excellent (21/03/2012) | @sloveniatimes
Slovenian president’s Austrian démarche (02/13/2017) | @POLITICOEurope
Republic of Slovenia – Republic of Austria (2002) | SLOVENIJA SUMMIT
Why Is There a Slovenian Minority on the Austrian Side of the Border? (09/10/2020) | Total Slovenia News
Slovene-Austrian relations strained over Austria’s Slovene Minority (03/18/2005) | @RadioPrague
Slovenia external relations briefing: Carinthian plebiscite, where the Slovenes stand a hundred years later (PDF; 10/2020) | @China_CEE_I
Slovenia: Touch of Balkan or Little Austria? (12/17/2014) | @Balkanist
Coronavirus: Austria classified ‘high risk’ by Slovenia amid rising infection rates (06/11/2020) | @TheLocalAustria
Austria begins erecting fence on border with Slovenia (07/12/2015) | @dwnews
The History of Trieste: A colourful past distinguishes Trieste from the rest of Italy | @ictpnews
Croatia and Austria are Bound by Close Friendship (02/03/2020) | Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia
Croatia gets a boost from siege of Vienna (10/05/2005) | @POLITICOEurope
Austria and Bosnia-Herzegovina: Cultural Year 2016 | @MFA_Austria
Will Austria allow Dual Citizenship to Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina? (09/24/2020) | @SarajevoTimes

Austria Vol.5 (relations with Czechia, Slovakia, Poland)

Neighbourhood Policy | @AustriainUSA
Neighbourhood Policy | @AustriainUSA
Austria’s neighbours | @MFA_Austria
Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic: An Increasingly Central Europe? (25/01/2015) | @i_montaigneEN
Economic tools for shaping order in Central Europe in Austria’s foreign policy (10/2020) | @unilodz
A Guide to the United States’ History of Recognition, Diplomatic, and Consular Relations, by Country, since 1776: Czechoslovakia | Office of the Historian, Foreign Service Institute @StateDept
Austria and the Czechs |
1526-1790: The Habsburg Dynasty to Joseph II | myCzechRepublic
Brief Summary of the History of the Czechs | @SJSU
Busek, Erhard: The Unique Opportunities of Central Europe – A Chance for Austria | @V4_PRES
Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria vow to “keep borders open until last possible moment” (10/09/2020) | @kafkadesk
Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria discuss possible “little Schengen” by July (12/05/2020) | @kafkadesk
Relations thaw between the Czech Republic and Austria (07/05/2003) | @RadioPrague
Austrians, Czechs, and Sudeten Germans as a Community of Conflict in the Twentieth Century (PDF; 10/2006) | Institute for Modern History @univienna
Never enough bridges between Austria and Slovakia: Slovaks tend to look at Austria as a sort of paradise and Austrians tend not to look to Slovakia at all, says Ambassador Helfried Carl, who completes his first year in Bratislava in September. (15/06/2015) | @slovakspectator
Symmetry and asymmetry in Austrian-Slovak relations (26/05/2014) | @VisegradInsight
Austrian Poland | @WDLorg
A Brief History of Kraków | @inyourpocket
The Germans from Galicia | @UAlberta
Austria, Poland keen on expansion of relations with Iran (14/06/2020) | @MSN
The Austro-Hungarian Empire and its political allies: in the Polish Kingdom 1914-1918 (PDF) | @oeaw
The Decaying Empire and the Human Dilemmas: The Last War of Austria-Hungar ustria-Hungary in Polish Cinemat olish Cinematography fr aphy from 1918 Onwar om 1918 Onwards (PDF; 06/2018) | @UniWarszawski
Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914 | @NZHistory

Switzerland Vol.9 (foreign/domestic policies, etc.)

Austria Vol.4 (foreign affairs, etc.)

World Vol.60 (U.S., finance, etc.)

Southern Europe Vol.4 (Portugal Vol.4 / Greece Vol.4 / Spain Vol.9 / Italy Vol.7)

European Union Vol.9 (Council, Commission, Parliament)

Benelux Vol.5 (Netherlands Vol.11 / Belgium Vol.6 / Luxembourg Vol.2)

Northern Europe Vol.5 (incl coronavirus, fish, 2019)

France Vol.22 (incl Giscard d’Estaing)