South Carolina Vol.4 (corporations)

South Carolina Vol.3 (corporations)

Wisconsin Vol.8 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.7 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.6 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.5 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.4 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Wisconsin Vol.3 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Minnesota Vol.7 (3M)

Minnesota Vol.6 (corporations)

UK Vol.138 (England Vol.17 – South East Vol.4)

University of Oxford


Louisiana Vol.4 (corporations)

Maryland Vol.5 (corporations)

Ireland Vol.42 (Leinster Vol.9 – City of Dublin Vol.2)

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Fruits Vol.3 (Fig)

UK Vol.128 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.46)

Fruits Vol.2 (Apricot, Pomegranate)

Fruits1 Apricot etc export import countriesFruits2 Apricot produce countriesFruits3 Apricot dried produce countriesFruits4 Pomegranate produce countriesFruits5 Pomegranate export countriesFruits6 Pomegranate pricesFruits7 Pomegranate seasonsFruits8 Pomegranate India biggest export destinations

Fruits Vol.1 (Olive)

Olive1 export countriesOlive1' export countriesOlive2 pricesOlive3 consumptionOlive4 import countriesOlive5 Australia exportsOlive6 Greece exportsOlive7 US imports