UK Vol.126 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.44)

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3 points concerning Brexit which have not been confronted in the media etc. – especially outside the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

British Foreign Policy – Post Brexit (w Video; 05/04/2018) | @CFR_org

Maine Vol.2 (corporations)

Vermont Vol.2 (corporations)

Nebraska Vol.2 (corporations)

Germany Vol.15 (Gas, Engineering – Linde, etc.)

Germany Vol.14 (Engineering – ThyssenKrupp)

Germany Vol.12 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Bosch)

Germany Vol.11 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Siemens)

Germany Vol.9 (Finance)

Texas Vol.10 (corporations)

Texas9 cities-county-towns

Connecticut Vol.3 (corporations)

Connecticut2 cities-townsConnecticut1 ROADS

New Mexico Vol.4 (corporations, et al.)


Texas Vol.8 (corporations)

texas11 economyTexas12 economic-resources

France Vol.11 (United States)

France Vol.10 (Automobile)

France33 2011 PSAFrance34 CorriDoorFrance35 NissanAuchanFrance36 EUproject

France Vol.9 (Digital/Telecommunications/Media)

France27 ADSL1France28 ADSL2France10 city-techFrance29 couverture_RNTFrance30 olgakissFrance19

France Vol.8 (Energy/Utilities, Airplane/Train)

France22 electricity_gridFrance20 nuclear-power-plantsFrance24 remanufacturing-engie-home-service-retour-exprience-actenaFrance25 riversFrance23 inland-waterFrance21 water-smart-meterFrance26 Les-grandes-infrastructures-gazières

New Jersey Vol.4 (corporations)

NewJersey1 citiesNewJersey4