Northern Europe Vol.5 (incl coronavirus, fish, 2019)

Illinois Vol.13 (corporations: GE Healthcare)

World Vol.45

World Vol.43

Northern Europe Vol.3

World Vol.31

Northern Europe Vol.2 (incl #coronavirus)

World Vol.9

Northern Europe Vol.1 (universities, etc.)

Rhode Island Vol.5 (University of Rhode Island)

UK Vol.132 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.50)

UK Vol.128 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.46)

Seafood Vol.1 (Tuna, Salmon, Trout, Shrimp)

Seafood7 European aquacultureSeafood3 TunaSeafood6 Germany tuna market sharesSeafood4 Tuna Atrantic areasSeafood1 Salmon AquacultureSeafood8 salmon-catching-nationsSeafood2 Salmon Chile Export 2012
Seafood5 Tuna

Germany Vol.11 (Conglomerate / Manufacturing – Siemens)

Pennsylvania Vol.4 (corporations)

Pennsylvania4 regions

Arizona Vol.3 (Arizona State University)

UK Vol.108 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.32)

[SoundCloud] Rightsup #Rightnow The View Beyond Brexit: Equality Rights in Northern Ireland After Divorce | Oxford Human Rights Hub

US Policy Changes Vol.70 (US business school professors Vol.3)

Here is a part of U.S. business schools’ tweets on economic/social/technological issues in which their professors/alumni are featured, quoted, et al. (mainly those from September to November 2017). Great stuff!
[We don’t have affiliations with these schools or people.]