California Vol.19 (UCLA, University of Southern California, Pepperdine University, etc.)

California Vol.18 (University of California, Los Angeles)

California Vol.15 (University of California, Irvine / Santa Barbara / Hastings)

California13 UC-STS

Utah Vol.4 (corporations)

Utah3 citiesUtah2 citiesUtah1 roadsUtah5 FiberHexagons_2015

Texas Vol.8 (corporations)

texas11 economyTexas12 economic-resources

New Jersey Vol.4 (corporations)

NewJersey1 citiesNewJersey4

Alabama Vol.5 (corporations)

Alabama2 cities
Alabama1 cities-counties
Alabama4 forests
Alabama5 Agriculture
Alabama6 manufacturing

France Vol.3 (Finance)

France3 chemical-parks
France2 resources_1972
France1 Paris

Pennsylvania Vol.3 (cities)

Pennsylvania3 cities

Mississippi Vol.3 (Mississippi State University)

Mississippi1 MSU us-milage
Mississippi2 MSU extension counties_march_2017
Mississippi3 state-university campus
Mississippi4 Starkville proximity-optim

Illinois Vol.4 (cities, et al.)

Illinois1'' cities
Illinois1 Chicago
Illinois1' ChicagoCity regions

Illinois Vol.3

Oregon Vol.3 (University of Oregon, Willamette University)

Oregon Vol.2 (Oregon State University)

Utah Vol.3 (Utah State University, University of Utah, Brigham Young University)

Texas Vol.7 (Rice University)

Texas Vol.6 (Texas A&M, UTDallas, Southern Methodist, Texas State, Rice)

North Carolina Vol.8 (corporations, et al.)

NorthCarolina5 indy
Post Session Briefing
NorthCarolina9 changeinemployed

North Carolina Vol.7 (cities)

NorthCarolina1 2001
NorthCarolina4 county