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City and metropolitan borough of Birmingham


The Birmingham Economic Review 2018: Key Challenges and Opportunities for Birmingham (w PDF; 21/11/2018) | Rebecca Riley @CityREDI
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Birmingham is fastest-improving city to live and work, says study: Oxford and Reading top PwC and Demos index based on transport, inequality, work-life balance, health and income levels (07/11/2017) | @RJPartington @guardian
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Cities in north and Midlands dominate growth measure: Report places Manchester top across England and Wales, with London only coming in 20th (21/03/2018) | Larry Elliot @guardian
City stats: Manchester versus Birmingham (07/06/2018) | Financial Times
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Greater Birmingham and Solihull – Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP): Creative Economy Mapping (PDF; 12/2017) | BOP Consulting
UK’s Most Entrepreneurial City 2018 (08/21/2018) | @Instant_Offices
Universities of Warwick and Birmingham partner to boost West Midlands economy (18/02/2019) | @warwickuni
Urgent action needed to tackle Birmingham’s skills deficit, as new report shows city has UK’s highest share of residents with no qualifications: Birmingham’s future economic success will be seriously constrained unless national and local leaders take wide-ranging action to address skills gaps in the city. (28/02/2018) | @CentreforCities
Breakthrough Birmingham – Ending the costs of social breakdown (PDF) | @csjthinktank
Brexit Is Putting Birmingham’s Recent Renaissance at Serious Risk (04/15/2019) | @UnzReview
Why the U.K. Auto Industry Is Stalling Over Brexit Risks (w Podcast; 04/5/2019) | @whartonknows

Louisiana Vol.4 (corporations)