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Australia Vol.14 / Antarctic Vol.2

Australian Antarctic Territory | @GeoscienceAus
Mining in Antarctica (11/19/2012) | @AusAntarctic
Fish (12/13/2012) | @AusAntarctic
Pressures affecting Antarctic fisheries – Antarctic environment (2016, 2011) | Australia State of the Environment 2016
Bluenose warehou – Southeastern Australia | FISHSOURCE
Toothfish | Australian Fisheries Management Agency
Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty (The Madrid Protocol) (11/22/2018) | @AusAntarctic
Mining the Antarctic a big no-no (11/03/2014) | Cecilia Jamasmie @mining
Antarctica: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources (11/19/2012) | G. P. Thomas @AZoMining
In 30 years the Antarctic Treaty becomes modifiable, and the fate of a continent could hang in the balance (07/12/2018) | Klaus Dodds @ConversationEDU
We stopped mining in Antarctica (01/01/2016) | Paul Sinclair @AusConservation
Antarctic sovereignty: are we serious? (30/04/2013) | Andrew jackson @aspi_org
The fight to own Antarctica (05/24/2018) | Leslie Hook and Benedict Mander @FT
Freeze change: strengthening Australia’s Antarctic efforts: Should the country have an Ambassador to the ice? (02/07/2018) | ANTHONY BERGIN @APPSPolicyForum
BUDGET 2016: Australia will spend billions building its strategic presence in oil-rich Antarctica (05/04/2016) | SARAH KIMMORLEY, PETER FARQUHAR @BIAUS
Antarctica: Australia’s Pristine Frontier – Report on the adequacy of funding for Australia’s Antarctic Program (PDF; 06/2005) | Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories @ The Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia
Save the Antarctic and its Adelie penguins | @AustMarConsSoc
A new era for Antarctic Science – Joint release with the Minister for the Environment and Energy, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP and the Minister for Education and Training, the Hon Simon Birmingham MP. (21/06/2018) | Ministers for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
“It’s a Big One” – Brutal Polar Blast set to Envelope the Entire Australian Continent | @Electroversenet
Warming Oceans May Threaten Krill, a Cornerstone of the Antarctic Ecosystem (10/19/2015) | Michelle Innis @nytimes
The History and Activity of Australians in Antarctica | Cool Antarctica
The cheapest way to experience Antarctica: Hobart launches first ever Australian Antarctic Festival | @TravellerAU
Drone Footage Of Australia’s Antarctic Ship As It Navigates Sea Ice (24/12/2015) | Emily Verdouw @HuffPostAU
Australia in Antarctica (05/01/2016) | JOHN GOODING @LowyInstitute
Australia, source of uranium and lead pollution in Antarctica: Since 1945, rise in Southern Hemisphere uranium levels has been attributed to uranium mining in Australia (01/07/2016) | DownToEarth
Fears Antarctic is the new frontier for China’s military (09/06/2018) | @primroseriordan @australian
Australia risks being crushed by Antarctic rivals Russia and China, scientists (25/03/2018) | Nicole Hasham @smh
China’s expanding interests in Antarctica (w PDF; 17/08/2017) | Anne-Marie Brady @aspi_org
What’s China up to in Antarctica? (20/09/2018) | Claire Young @aspi_org
China’s interest in mining Antarctica revealed as evidence points to country’s desire to become ‘Polar Great Power’ (20/01/2015) | Michael Atkin @ABCnews
Defining the “Rise” of China in Antarctica (24/01/2019) | @ausoutlook
Whaling in the Antarctic: Some Reflections by Counsel (PDF) | Elana Geddis and Penelope Ridings @ New Zealand Yearbook of International Law [Vol 11, 2013]
Australian Antarctic Territory Act 1954 | Federal Register of Legislation
Australia and the Convention for the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities (CRAMRA) (PDF; 1990) | Sam Blay, Ben M. Tsamenyi @UOW_LHA
What is Gondwana? (06/07/2013) | Stephanie Pappas @livescience

Ireland Vol.23 (#StPatricksDay, Whiskey, Ancestry, #SkelligMichael, et al.)

UK Vol.95 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.24)

Here are articles on Brexit.

Statement by the European Council (Art. 50) on the UK notification (w Video & PDFs; 29/03/2017)

Now that Article 50 has been triggered, reality will start to bite (31/03/2017) | @ConUnit_UCL

The white paper on Brexit: a wish list disguised as a strategy (02/02/2017) | Dan Roberts @guardian

What the Brexit white paper says (and doesn’t say) about trade (02/03/2017) | Maria Garcia @ConversationEDU

Article 50 triggered – but is a Brexit deal really possible in two years? (29/03/2017) | @RGWhitman @ConversationUK

The Great Repeal Bill could prove costly | Professor Robert Lee, Head of @bhamlaw

How rupture with mainland Europe caused Britain to falter for hundreds of years (28/03/2017) | Stephen Church @ConversationUK

Brexit – The UK’s greatest transformation project (04/10/2016) | Ross Dawson

Carmakers eye more UK suppliers to handle hard Brexit (10/03/2017) | @CPitas @ReutersUK

Despite Brexit fears more companies have been set up in Cornwall in 2016 than in previous years (06/02/2017) | @Oli_Vergnault @CornwallLive

Theresa May’s meeting with Angela Merkel at EU summit is cancelled (03/02/2017) | Peter Walker & Daniel Boffey @guardian

Pound plunges amid fears over Brexit delays (09/06/2017) | @jilltreanor @guardian

Brexit with Dr Serena Kelly (w Voice; 18/01/2017) – Summer Days with Jesse Mulligan @radionz

Brexit and the People of Wales: What Do We Know? What Could We Know? (29/03/3017) | Professor Roger Scully @cardiffuni

SNP offers to abandon independence referendum if Theresa May lets Scotland stay in the European single market (14/03/2017) | Charlotte England

Scotland heads towards a second independence referendum (14/03/2017) | @craigmcangus @ConversationUK

NORTHERN IRELAND: POST-BREXIT (29/03/2017) | @QueensUBelfast

Brexit may hinder local Government co-operation – UCC centre director says Northern Ireland could move away from various EU directives (08/03/2017) | Barry Roche @IrishTimes

Brexit Insights: Lords INTERVIEW with Lord Jonathan Hill and Minister Eoghan Murphy | @matheson

UK Vol.94 (Post-EUref #Brexit Vol.23)

Here are tweets on Brexit.

Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.20

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Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.19

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Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.18

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Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.14

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Free papers, reports, et al. Vol.12

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Canada Vol.17 (#Canada150 …)

Here are additional articles on #Canada150.

Thomas D’Arcy McGee: The Idealist (w PDF; 06/08/2017) | Alastair Gillespie @MLInstitute

Happy 150th to one of the world’s most demonstrably successful societies (06/30/2017) | William Watson @FraserInstitute

Canadians born in the afterglow of 1967 are becoming our political, media and corporate leaders. How will they approach the country’s future? (06/29/2017) | @jenditchburn @IRPP

Bringing human rights back into balance (05/30/2017) | Elizabeth McIsaac @MowatCentre

At a milestone in Canada’s history, the vital role of trade unions remains overlooked (06/29/2017) | Ed Finn @rabbleca

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA (06/29/2017) | @HeartlandOnCBC
Q: Where does the name Canada come from?
A: The most accepted theory is that a St. Lawrence Iroquoian tribe who encountered French explorer Jacques Cartier used the word ‘kanata’ which in their language meant village or settlement. Cartier in his writings wrote ‘Canada,’ to reference not only the village he was directed to but the entire area.

Can you celebrate Canada 150 and still respect Indigenous rights? (w Voice; 06/28/2017) | Anna Maria Tremonti @CBCIndigenous

Let’s celebrate Canada’s 150th with a course correction on MMIWG inquiry (06/30/2017) | Lorimer Shenher @NatObserver

First Nations Activists from Winnipeg to Blockade TransCanada Highway on Friday (06/29/2017) | @RedPowerMedia

Resisting 150: Colonialism is at the heart of the Canada 150 narrative. Here’s how we change the story. | @UAlberta @Medium
Métis professor @adamgaudry says that Canada 150 celebrates a history that, for Indigenous people, doesn’t really exist.

Acknowledging Canada’s Faults Doesn’t Diminish Us. Ignoring Them Does (06/23/2017) | Jerry Dias @HuffPostCanada

Canada 150: Reconciling who we are with who we want to be | @ccpa

Incentives, Identity, and the Growth of Canada’s Indigenous Population (w PDFs; 06/21/2017) | Tom Flanagan @FraserInstitute

False Security The Radicalization of Canadian Anti-terrorism | @cforcese & Kent Roach @irwinlaw


Canada Vol.16 (New Brunswick, Canada Day #Canada150)

#Canada150 #CanadaDay  
Canada 150: History of a nation | @StJohnsTelegram     
Canada 150 | Department of History, University of Toronto    
Make the most of your @canada150th !     
Canada 150 interactive military history map    
Canada 150 and some tougher history for Edmonton (06/29/2017) | @tamarasolty @theyardsyeg    
We are what we ate: Canada’s history in cuisines (03/15/2017) | @Ian_Mosby @globeandmail    
Canadian Independence Day | @HISTORY    
Canada: Day 1 – In Their Own Words Oral History Videos | @Pier21    
History of Canada Day (10/24/2009) | Pat Williams @canadaconnect   
Here’s what’s going on in New Brunswick on Canada Day | @Report24CA     
July 1, 1867 | @CBC     …at noon, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada were proclaimed the Dominion of Canada, with John A. Macdonald its first prime minister.   Now, the area of Upper Canada was called Ontario and Lower Canada was called Quebec.  …

New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan (PDF; 09/2016) | @Gov_NB    
INSURECONOMY – an economic impact and future growth study of New Brunswick’s high-value insurance sector (PDF; 02/2012) | @INSURECONOMY @ConfBoardofCda,@jupia    
Canada and New Brunswick invest in infrastructure at the University of New Brunswick    
New Brunswick faces improving economic outlook in 2016 (01/01/2016) | @mchardie @CBCNB    
New Brunswick’s Debt and Deficit – A Historical Look (PDF; 05/2014) | David Murrell, Shaun Fantauzzo @AIMS_CA    
Discover unlimited opportunities in New Brunswick | @ONBCanada    
New Brunswick | @OilGasCanada
About New Brunswick | @canadavisa_com    
Forest Industry (PDF; 12/2003) | @APECatlantic    
House Hunting in … New Brunswick, Canada (08/17/2016) | Lisa Prevost @nytimes  
Map, Satellite Image   
Maps & Air Photos | @cityofsaintjohn   
Economic Highlights | @IgniteFredNB   
University-Industry Partnerships: Advancing Knowledge and Energy Security (09/11/2015) | @UNB @WorldEnergyTV