U.S. universities and colleges Vol.28 (UKY, UofL, Bellarmine) / Kentucky Vol.7

Economics faculty member @aaronyelowitz offers his expertise about the California outdoor dining ban. https://t.co/co7FwUv1Jt — UK Gatton College of Business and Economics (@UKGattonCollege) February 4, 2021 The Center for Business and Economic Research, the applied economic research branch of the Gatton College of Business at the UK, recently released its 49th Kentucky Annual Economic Report … Continue reading “U.S. universities and colleges Vol.28 (UKY, UofL, Bellarmine) / Kentucky Vol.7”

Tennessee Vol.7 (incl #coronavirus) / Kentucky Vol.6 (incl #coronavirus)

A new study out of the University of Kentucky backs up KY's stay-at-home policy with dramatic numbers, finding that without “Healthy at Home,” Kentucky would have had 10 times more COVID-19 cases and 2,000 more deaths as of April 25. @lbblackford https://t.co/4El8J8nWgE — Lexington Herald-Leader (@heraldleader) April 29, 2020 In this case, landing at the … Continue reading “Tennessee Vol.7 (incl #coronavirus) / Kentucky Vol.6 (incl #coronavirus)”

Kentucky Vol.5 (cities, etc.)

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Kentucky Vol.4 (state, economy, etc.)

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Kentucky Vol.3 (University of Kentucky)

Economics Professor Charles Courtemanch explores the role that Walmart plays in helping lower-income families struggling with food insecurity.https://t.co/6rp2s69YpT — Gatton College (@UKGattonCollege) May 20, 2019 Excellent new research by Gatton finance Ph.D student Marc Painter is featured in The Atlantic! Painter collaborated with researchers at UC Berkeley to explore how satellite data is being used … Continue reading “Kentucky Vol.3 (University of Kentucky)”

Kentucky Vol.2

Celebrate 226 years of statehood and learn the history of Kentucky through various objects including a stone axe, a coal miner's cap, Colonel Harland Sanders' first pressure cooker, and other items. A History of Kentucky in 25 Objects is available online: https://t.co/t6SL8jLHX5 pic.twitter.com/UEjcyUrlCq — KET (@KET) June 1, 2018 Happy Statehood Day, KY & TN! … Continue reading “Kentucky Vol.2”

Kentucky Vol.1

Ken @TheLaneReport https://t.co/aycz5AzgRn@KyPolicy https://t.co/bRgljEADSF@universityofky https://t.co/Qbn1WrpLGb pic.twitter.com/j9basngppX — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) January 22, 2016 #KY @UKGattonCollege http://t.co/Qbn1WrpLGb@CherylTruman http://t.co/2wZhDUxe63@KyPolicy http://t.co/jEuletZEP8 pic.twitter.com/2G0lLlGHS3 — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) October 2, 2015 http://t.co/CDAX7niY6H @hello_parent @UpTechIdeas @nku_informatics @nkychamberhttp://t.co/EQgxLjs6br @kybourbontrail KALP @UKAgriculture — World Solutions USA (@wsi_usa) September 30, 2015 #KY 20%of #MountainParkway WideningProject Underway http://t.co/qZUySZsph4 US460,Interstate64;Pikeville-Paducah;#SOAR pic.twitter.com/NkKZQmsklQ — World Solutions … Continue reading “Kentucky Vol.1”

World Vol.53 (U.S., etc.)

Online chess makes its biggest move https://t.co/7T5QjlmYzu — CBS News (@CBSNews) November 2, 2020 How do I vote in my state in the 2020 election? https://t.co/UVczqB4RT4 — CBS News (@CBSNews) November 1, 2020 INTERACTIVE: How To Vote In The 2020 Election. Via @fivethirtyeight. https://t.co/jx4n7dx1fj pic.twitter.com/VCIPbICNsY — ABC News (@ABC) November 2, 2020 FOR THE BIRDS: … Continue reading “World Vol.53 (U.S., etc.)”

US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)

Here are articles on energy, free market, electricity franchise, the environment, et al. Excerpts are on our own. ‘America First’ Energy Plan Challenges Free Market Realities (2/7/2017) | @jeffbradynpr … “Drilling for oil and gas has picked up remarkably,” he says. In its Feb. 3 “rig count,” the oil field services company Baker Hughes reports … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.62 (Energy Vol.4 – free market, electricity franchise, the environment)”

US Policy Changes Vol.32 (Miscellaneous Vol.2 – voter turnout)

Here is an academic article on voter turnout: Increasing Voter Turnout: Is Democracy Day the Answer? (PDF; February 2009) | Henry S. Farber, Center for Economic Policy Studies (CEPS) @PrincetonEcon. Excerpt is on our own. Introduction … Some have argued that an important cause of low turnoput in the United States is a cumbersome registration … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.32 (Miscellaneous Vol.2 – voter turnout)”

US Policy Changes Vol.25 (Healthcare Vol.3)

Here are articles on healthcare. Excerpts are on our own. A plea to the president-elect Trump (12/4/2016) | PHILIP M. ROSOFF (@DukeMedSchool) @OUPPolitics Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or “Obamacare”) millions of Americans were able to buy commercial health insurance and millions more who were fortunate to live in states that elected to expand … Continue reading “US Policy Changes Vol.25 (Healthcare Vol.3)”