Posts series:
US Policy Changes (Vol.1(100)),
US Presidential Election 2016 (Vol.18),
UK Post-EUref (Vol.1(50)),
UK EUref-academia/analytical (Vol.12),
Manifestos [New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Australia, United States, United Kingdom]
New Zealand 2014
National Party
Labour Party
Canada 2015
Liberal Party
Conservative Party
New Democratic Party
Green Party
Ireland 2016
Fine Gael
Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour Party
Australia 2016
Coalition (Liberal Party, Liberal National Party Qld, National Party, Country Liberal Party NT)
Labor Party, Greens
United States 2016
Donald Trump’s policies
Hillary Clinton’s issues
United Kingdom 2017
Conservative Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
UKIP, Green Party
Scottish National Party
Plaid Cymru, Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Féin
New Zealand 2017, United States 2018, Australia 2019, European Parliament 2019, Canada 2019, United Kingdom 2019, Ireland 2020, New Zealand 2020, United States 2020

Netherlands 2017
General Election
France 2017
Presidential Elections
Germany 2017
Federal Election
Austria 2017
Legislative Election
Italy 2018
General Election
Australia 2019
Federal Election
European Union 2019
European Parliament Election Vol.1
Canada 2019
Federal Election ..
United Kingdom 2019
General Election 2019 Vol.1
Ireland 2020
Vol.53 – 67
New Zealand 2020
US Presidential Election 2020
UK local elections 2021 (May: Scottish Parliament, Welsh Senedd, Mayor of London and the Greater London Assembly)
Canada 2021
Germany 2021


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Information; Solutions; Implementation.

World Solutions LLC (“WS”), founded in the U.S., is doing and will keep doing our best to provide corporations, governments, NPOs/NGOs including academia, and people with solutions of domestic and international business problems. Here, WS posts tweets, information and opinions, attempting to provide the solutions, hints and ideas.


Depending on cases, WS would do our best to be your bridge, negotiator, consultant, analyst, researcher, creator, or/and hub.


WS would
– Gather and Analyze information on political, economic, business and technological macro/micro issues regarding federal/local governments, NGOs/NPOs such as universities/scholars, and corporations.
– Find problems accurately, Suggest strategies, and Provide solutions.
– Support clients to implement solutions, including intermediations and negotiations.
(Find the right persons such as government officials, corporation officials, and scholars who can meet you and have a certain influence on realization of your plans.)