France Vol.24

World Vol.122 (U.S., pink supermoon, New Zealand, etc.)

Southern Europe Vol.5 (Italy Vol.10 / Greece Vol.5 / Spain Vol.10 / Portugal Vol.5)

Science and Technology Vol.61 (semiconductor, etc.)

World Vol.121 (semiconductor, U.S., etc.)

World Vol.119

UK Vol.180

UK Vol.179 (incl public policy)

World Vol.116 (U.S., etc.)

Science and Technology Vol.60

UK Vol.178

World Vol.112 (AFP, abcnews, 12News, etc.)

World Vol.108 (sanctions, human rights)

World Vol.104 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.102 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.101 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.98 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.97 (U.S., finance, etc.)

World Vol.88 (U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

World Vol.82 (U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day – Australia)

World Vol.78 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.71 (U.S. – Chaos in Washington D.C.) / Washington D.C. Vol.5