France Vol.25

Science and Technology Vol.82 (Nobel Prize in Chemistry)

Science and Technology Vol.81 (Nobel Prize in Physics)

Germany Vol.32 (2021 German Bundestag election results, etc.)

Germany Vol.31

World Vol.189 (incl European Union)

Germany Vol.30

Germany | @EuropeElects
German election 2021: Key numbers, forecasts and projections | @EURACTIV

Germany Vol.29

UK Vol.188 (NewStatesman, spectator, prospect_uk, TheEconomist, CityAM, ConversationUK, MailOnline)

World Vol.166 (Australia, U.S., Europe, etc.)

World Vol.165 (U.S., Europe, etc.)

Science and Technology Vol.74 (manganese, etc.) / World Vol.163 (Australia, etc.)

The Coronavirus Pandemic: The Delta Variant Surge | @HarvardChanSPH

World Vol.162 (U.S., Australia, etc.)

World Vol.160 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.159 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.158 (flooding in western Europe)

World Vol.151 (U.S., U.K., etc.)

UK Vol.186

World Vol.146 (TorontoStar, AP, etc.)

World Vol.145 (G7 Summit 2021 in Cornwall)

World Vol.144 (G7 Summit 2021 in Cornwall)