World Vol.190

Germany Vol.31

World Vol.189 (incl European Union)

Germany Vol.30

Germany | @EuropeElects
German election 2021: Key numbers, forecasts and projections | @EURACTIV

World Vol.185 (U.S. – 20th anniversary of 9/11)

Ireland Vol.74

Ireland Vol.73

World Vol.147 (BBC, AFP)

World Vol.143 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.138 (G7, etc.)

World Vol.136 (U.S., etc.)

Science and Technology Vol.63 (elements, usages, food, etc.)

World Vol.129 (seaweeds, milk, etc.)

UK Vol.182

Ireland Vol.72

World Vol.121 (semiconductor, U.S., etc.)

UK Vol.176

World Vol.109 (U.S. etc.)

World Vol.105 (U.S. diplomacy, etc.)

World Vol.102 (U.S., etc.)

World Vol.97 (U.S., finance, etc.)

World Vol.79 (U.S. Presidential Inauguration Day – Ireland, United Kingdom)