World Vol.198 / Science and Technology Vol.84 (semiconductors)

2021 Nobel Economic Sciences Laureates (Professors David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens)

World Vol.192 (U.S. economy incl supply chain, default)

World Vol.162 (U.S., Australia, etc.)

World Vol.158 (flooding in western Europe)

World Vol.126 (U.S., etc.)

Benelux Vol.6 (Netherlands Vol.12 / Belgium Vol.7)

Germany Vol.28

World Vol.121 (semiconductor, U.S., etc.)

World Vol.112 (AFP, abcnews, 12News, etc.)

Science and Technology Vol.58 (Hydrogen, Artificial Intelligence, Coronavirus, etc.)

UK Vol.175 (Coronavirus, Brexit, 2019, etc.)

Preparations for a Brexit IV: views from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, and Malta (05/27/2016) | @LSE

Benelux Vol.5 (Netherlands Vol.11 / Belgium Vol.6 / Luxembourg Vol.2)

Netherlands Vol.10 (health technology corporations: Philips)

Netherlands Vol.9 (chemical corporations: DSM)

Open collaborative platform UNITE4COVID launched to accelerate Covid-19 solutions (19/05/2020) | @DSM

World Vol.36

Benelux Vol.4 (Belgium Vol.3 / Netherlands Vol.8)

UK Vol.166 (British Overseas Territories #BOTs #UKOTs Vol.2)

Australia Vol.26 (University of Queensland)

Benelux Vol.2 (Netherlands Vol.7 / Belgium Vol.2)