Germany Vol.32 (2021 German Bundestag election results, etc.)

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Canada Vol.63 (election results, etc.)

Canada Vol.62 (2021 Canadian federal election – miscellaneous)

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Canada’s Recovery Plan | @CPC_HQ

Ready for Better: New Democrats’ Commitments to You | @NDP

Election Platform 2021 | @CanadianGreens

Poll Tracker | @CBCNews,@EricGrenierTW

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World Vol.188 (California gubernatorial recall election, France’s ambassador recall, etc.)

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Science and Technology Vol.73 (nickel, cobalt, lithium, etc.)

World Vol.155 (U.S., EU, etc.)

Metals for a Green and Digital Europe | @GEF_Europe
EU green deal could transform metals demand (03/01/2021) | @argusmedia
European Green Deal | @euromines
The green transition challenged by the metal supply chain | @SultanEtn
The metal supply chain challenging the EU Green Deal and put forward policy recommendations (04/07/2020) | @INNOVATION_PL
EU’s ‘green mining’ concept? – there’s no such thing | @euobs
A Policy Mix for Dematerialisation | @EcologicBerlin
Metals recycling in EU could collapse under new rules, companies say (06/03/2021) | @reuters
The geopolitics of the European Green Deal (03/02/2021) | @ecfr
Fortescue Metals Eyes 15 Million Tons of EU Green Hydrogen by 2030 (Video; 05/26/2021) | @bsurveillance

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