World Vol.158 (flooding in western Europe)

World Vol.153 (U.S., etc.)

Science and Technology Vol.70 (coronavirus drugs)

Science and Technology Vol.66 (copper, silicon…/gallium…, etc.)

Tech Spotlight Casebook 2021 (w PDF; 05/2021) | @BelferCenter

Science and Technology Vol.62 (semiconductor, battery, raw materials, etc.)

Southern Europe Vol.5 (Italy Vol.10 / Greece Vol.5 / Spain Vol.10 / Portugal Vol.5)

World Vol.92 (World Economic Forum)

World Vol.91 (World Economic Forum – videos)

UK Vol.175 (Coronavirus, Brexit, 2019, etc.)

Preparations for a Brexit IV: views from Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, and Malta (05/27/2016) | @LSE

Switzerland Vol.10 (corporations: ABB Group, Glencore, LafargeHolcim)

Switzerland Vol.9 (foreign/domestic policies, etc.)

Northern Europe Vol.5 (incl coronavirus, fish, 2019)

World Vol.59

World Vol.51 (mainly on U.S.)

Massachusetts Vol.23 (corporations: Vertex Pharmaceuticals) / Switzerland Vol.8 (pharmaceutical corporations: CRISPR Therapeutics)

Pennsylvania Vol.11 (corporations: CSL Behring) / Australia Vol.29

Switzerland Vol.7 (pharmaceutical corporations: Lonza, Actelion, Ferring Pharmaceuticals)

Switzerland Vol.6 (pharmaceutical corporations: Roche)

Switzerland Vol.5 (pharmaceutical corporations: Novartis)

Science and Technology Vol.37 (#coronavirus, #bigdata, etc.)